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Question regarding 1.10 HC


Jun 23, 2003
Question regarding 1.10 HC

Lighting attacks is the most troublesome for me...
(of course, FE still a pain... but avoidable)

Is having 75 Lightning resist enough to survive Lightning attack of a pack of gloams in Hell?

Im playing my 1st HC in 1.10, she's an untwinked hybrid Amazon...
so.. using a lightsabre is not an option...(even if ever i found that is)
(currently in Act3 Hell)
Im asking this because I got a surprise attack of a pack of gloams(5-6 i think), all hit me... it was NM, and i have 75 LR, in my surprise.. it only damaged me a sliver... I felt happy and uneasy after that...
Since if ever I encounter the same pack of monsters without warning..
Is my 75 LR enough to survive it in hell?
Or do I need some absorption gear... ie..thundergods

btw, she currently have 1100+ HP...




Jun 26, 2003
Monterey, CA
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The thing is, each stream of lightning hits 4-6 times. If there's 6 monsters each blasting you for 60-70 damage, that's 4*6*60 = 1440 damage at the low end. Of course you probably wont get hit by all of them at once, so that leaves you enough time to get the hell outta there. Now if there's a Conviction boss in there or Extra Strong/Extra Fast, then it starts to get pretty dangerous even with quick reflexes and maxed resist.

So, in answer to your question: yes, you can survive it. However, you'll want to be very careful. Scout ahead with your Decoy and watch out where you stand when you come across a pack of them.


Nov 13, 2003
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With a T-gods, you can rest a lot easier. But you'll still want to be careful. The other thing you want to watch out for (besides what whomhead said) is any boss with extra elemental enchantments: fire and cold enchanted gloam lightning, anyone? :eek: