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Question about fire-summoner druid


Jun 23, 2003
Question about fire-summoner druid

Im playing my 2nd untwinked HC in 1.10...
(the 1st is already a Guardian 2 days ago, a hybridZon :clap: )

A fire-summoner druid by A_E...

Im currently clvl52...
This are my current skills distributed

1 to all pre-reqs

Fissure - 20
Volcano - 20

Oak - 7
Dire Wolf - 3
Grizzly - 1

my skill distribution came into a halt when i doubt the possiblities that will happen in Hell...
Especially for FI...

So here are the straight questions...

1.) Where should I depend for Physical damage?
Volcano or Grizzly?
Since, Im thinking that pumping molten boulder is a "waste" just to increase the PD of volcano...
But if i focus on grizzly, his attack speed is slow that make me think about molten boulder synergy to volcano...

2.) Put all remaining points to VIT? I already have 900+ HP with 217 VIT and slvl 7 OS... Is too much overkill? IMO, 1300 HP is enough for me to survive in HC... since I'm ranged and have minions... (somehow reached a 75 resists)

3.) With regards to #2, I was planning to use a bow.. for the casting delays of Fissure/Volcano... and possibly, as a source of other elemental attack against FI.. say Buriza? or anything you want to suggest... how much DEX?

4.) 10 points on OS?

5.) Should i maxed firestorm for fissure's synergy worth it?

6.) Does a lower resist wand will help me increase my fire damage?
(It doesn't seem so)



Apr 11, 2005
Gothenburg, Sweden
My fire/summoner is even lower level than yours but here are my opinions:;

1) Grizzly don't do any good damage so your physical damage from merc/molten boulder/volcano.

2) You can't have too much life in HC ;), IMO that's the best place for spare stat points

3) Sorry I have no idea :p (because that's not my style of play)

4) All a matter of preference =/
It depends on if you need more points or not in offensive spells/synergies but sure 10+ OS is really good both for you and your minions.

5) I think it would be better to put points in volcano's synergies instead.

6) I'm pretty sure it will increase the fire damage part's of your volcano and molten boulder and the fire damage of fissure

Aaaah this makes me wanna continue with my fire/summoner! thanks Death_StrikeR for that :thumbsup:


Jul 10, 2003
1. defenetly (sp?) pump molten boulder rather than grizzly for physical damage, it really helps, and not only vs fire immunes, since the dmg's there all the time.

3. if you find the time between the casting times, sure, you could have a bow on, but since you would want to have the +skills a leaf staff or shield+weapon could give you, you would want it on switch, and you would also need to find the time to place yourself/recast cyclone armour. so i'd personally say, go with what you have, as a bow/x-bow would be mostly limited to the casting time of Volcano.

6. yes, but if you can't bear the costs of repairing the charges, go with using it only against fire immunes...


Jun 22, 2003
still playing a little
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I probably should comment :)

1) NOT grizzly, the damage is trivial. I used my wolves for 95% of the game, and their damage seemed to be decent, even in hell. Pump MB to make volcano stronger against FIs. I also loaded my merc with non-fire elemental damage.

2) If you want to use a bow, you'll have to pump Dex. I went with base (20) and my life ended up at 1800. I was really glad it was that high when I took some shots from gloams. I went under 25% more than a few times, and I play pretty cautiously.

3) In hell, I found that the action was normally pretty hectic. I was either casting volcano, positioning wolves, resurrecting my Oak Sage, or healing my merc (his gear was damage-focused, not defense-focused). I honestly wouldn't have had much time to shoot a bow. I carried a +2 druid skills club, and a shield with high resists.

4) I'd say 10 is the max. Your seven might just be fine as well. Depends how much your merc and minions are killed.

5) I'd invest in dire wolves. They are really great tanks - saved my life more than once.

6) A lvl3 LR wand may help against FIPI bosses, or against the ancients.

Good luck! :thumbsup: