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pure smiter can u help

Aug 5, 2005
pure smiter can u help

ok...i wanna kill the ubes and smite seems to be best... i play non ladder so i was gonna start ladder... scince i have no items... can you help with a pure smiter with average items.. not too sepensive.. but later on i il get so post the perfect setup as well as the pretty cheap setup.. thanks..
and oh yeah.. i havea slight problem.... how do u even do ubers?? i mean get to them.. and does it have to be ladder??? and if any og you can help with items then can u submit on thread??? oh and this is us east... thanks alot
Apr 23, 2005
Setup Vs Ubers.
- Dracul's Grasp - Without this, forget it...Serious...Don't even bother trying...
- Grief - Not expensive, but extremely necessary...Not only does it have a good speed, but it also maxemizes smite dmg, the way no other weapon can at this point, wich is crucial to leech your life back to top
- Herald OF Zakarum (upped if you're on ladder...)
- As much + skills and stacked resists items as humanly possible, specially lightning resist. Don't bother trying to solo Uber Trist without over 75 resists over max. Fighting Meph would be....a shocking experience...

Don't expect ANY of the gear to come as cheap, you are facing the most dificult enemies in ALL of the game, don't expect to solo them with a buckler and jagged short sword if you know what I mean...