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Pally Questions, yes they are noobish.

Shaven Monkee

May 27, 2005
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Pally Questions, yes they are noobish.


Do they stack?

Let's say, me and a bud are using our pallies and he is using Might and I am using Fanat, do we both get the bonuses from BOTH auras?

Now let's say, we are both using Might, do they stack on top of one another or does the one that is highest level take precedence?

Do the same rules apply to mercs?

Holy Shield

How does this work?
Is the casted or is it an aura?

ED jools and Smite

Does putting ED jools in your shield increase your Smite dmg?
Jun 28, 2003
South Carolina
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Just so you don't get confused on one of his answers.... they only stack if they aren't the same aura...

If they ARE the same aura... aka... your and your friend both use might. The higher level takes precedent.

To my knowledge: Only +Damage works with smite, not +ED from items.