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New Ladder Player


Jan 22, 2004
New Ladder Player

well, I'm playing ladder now. Good bye to my non ladder chars. I'll still play them occasionally, but i dink ladder will be better. wat's ur opinion? ladder or non ladder?
I agree with Jedi. I was among the herd that stampeded on ladder. But now that the end of this ladder season is aproaching, I find myself playing more and more non ladder. I will probably always have a mfer on ladder, just to look for those sexy ladder only items and options, but will mainly play non ladder.
I think a lot of people will play ladder exclusively, the people that are glutons for punishment, but couldnt quite tolerate HC. Ladder is very similar in some ways, except you always get to respawn in town. :D


Jan 6, 2004
like a crowd of people i flocked with my friends to ladder and im happy here. Not much of a difference besides u can be ranked and new items. I happily gave away items on my non ladder chars to newbies and friends besides my mf sorc so i can still help out people. when none of my friends are on i play nl and usually some of those friends are on. I say mostly oldschool players play nl theres a new age arising of ladder people and eventually they will make there mark. I never play a char to be the top or the best, I dont plan on ever being in the top ranks with a lvl 98 sorc. I usally raise my chars to about 85 then start a new one. this makes it fun since i have a mf meteorb sorc, a singer barb, a strict strafezon, the pvp trap assassin and the almighty hammerdin (my best char) all on ladder. I think im just gonna stick with ladder because of the items and close friends. everyone has there own opinion and this is mine. ;D