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My Poison Javazon Build

Aug 12, 2005
My Poison Javazon Build

At level 80, you should have:

150 Strength
100 Dexerity
100 Vitality
None invested in mana

20 Poison Javelin (main attack, max out first before investing in synergies)
20 Plague Javelin
7 Avoid
9 Dodge
9 Evade

Damage rated for Poison Javelin:

2946(level 20 Poison Javelin) * 2.4(synergy earned from Plague Javelin) = 7070.4 Poison Damage over 46 Seconds, thats 153 Damage a Second!

Damage Rated for Plague Javelin

1937(Level 20 Plague Javelin) * 2(synergy earned from Poison Javelin) = 3874 Poison Damage over 10.6 seconds, thats 365 damage a second!

Lets compare that to a PsnMancer

Damage Rated for Necro's PsnNova

468(level 20 Poison Nova) * 4(synergy earned from poison dagger and explosion) = 1872 poison damage over 2 seconds, which is 936 damage a second

A necro's poison is far faster acting, but less potent than a javazon's arsenal. Besides, we still need something like guided arrow to finish the poor lad off in a duel.


Aug 3, 2005
the depths
I use this with treachery and a bow with freezing arrow. I was using a A2 holly frieze merc but switched to might for the physical damage. Freezing arrow+peirce makes them stick untill they explode from the poison clowd or get tapped by my merc or valk.

With charms, conviction, LR, ect you can pump the poison damage waaaay higher then a necro spamming nova and LR. I made a zon like this and my pal did for the ladder and he is very happy.

foh pally

Aug 5, 2004
Dude you are missin ALOT of damage, I thought it was already understood a poison zon can get higher than a nec, my zon

lvl: 76
poison and plauge maxed
about 22 plus skill from items and charms
Plague jav= 84k over 20 sec/ lil more than 4k per sec
poison jav= time frame is too long so i don't care
Yes this is with trang gloves without she does about 65k over 20