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My ladder run


Jun 22, 2003
Montreal, Canada
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My ladder run

Ran like 14 hours, 12 hours total probably nonstop. Thanks Sip, for helping.

Overall (80th)


On Ama (6th)


I enjoyed myself. My LF zon is wearing rare imbued harpoons with 150 max throw damage, lvl 33 req, I have a bunch of runes, including Io, and I haven't done any of my hellforges, rare circlet, imbued, dual res, prismatic ammy, spirit shroud armor (unq), Ancient's pledge shield, Sigon's greaves, some nice rare rings, and rare gloves with + to jav/skills and ML.

Biggest problems right now are little mana leech and little stacks of javs... I need to carry like 3 different stacks.


Jun 23, 2003
Dead Center, Hell
TIRs can be very effective in Norm/NM.

Also this one is always forgot!

3 ammys = 1 Ring
3 Rings = 1 Ammy

in Cube

Live it, Learn it, Love it!

If that Circlet isnt so hot slap on a 3 sock helm and Tirs, and if you want to go nutz drop the Shroud and get a 3-4 sock armor and use runs/gems in it.

3 Diamond Shiled beats Pledge
1 Ruby 1 Topaz 1 Diamond can be a very good combo also depending on what you have in gear.

3 Diamond Shiled
3 Saph Helm
Tir Tir Ort Ral Armor

4 mana/kill
57 Priz
30 Light
30 Fire
100ish Mana

Mix and match to suite.........ya i know Cant be Froze is nice but +1 and that isnt exaclty LARGE either!

Shope a Life/socket armor and you are even better off!!!