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My Intro to the SP Forum

My Intro to the SP Forum

Well, I guess I should make myself an introduction thread after posting in here.

I'm Conor Prince, which you probably already know from looking at my creative screenname. I'm 15 and live in northwest Illinois in case you were wondering. I enjoy skateboarding, penspinning, and animating/drawing. I've played the Diablo series since a bit before Diablo II: Lord of Destruction came out, and I love them all. I've mostly played on Battle.net, but my hate of lag and desire to play self-found and untwinked has driven me to SP. I occasionally fire up B.net to play with my friends, but I think single player is where I'll stay. It's better in almost every aspect.
The farthest I've gotten in Single Player is to Nightmare, Act 2, before everything became impossibly hard to my weak level 42 barb with no specific build. Now, my level 73 Blizzball sorc has reached Hell, Act 1 with little trouble. I played through almost all of Normal mode on /players 8, which was fun. Hopefully I'll be doing Hell Meph runs soon, and have the gear to become a Matriarch. That will be a while, though, since I'm reaping the benefits of my awesome current NM map seed. I'm also working on a Frenzy barb that I'm twinking completely to make use of some items in my ATMA stashes. Frenzy barbs have to be one of my favorite builds.

I hope to make some friends here and post more often!
See you around :)


Jun 26, 2004
Welcome to the SPF! :thumbsup:

(It's good to know that gaming teenagers can write coherently - I was starting to lose faith after bnet :rolleyes: )
Jun 3, 2004
Bangor, Maine
I just discovered the joys of a frenzy barb myself not less than a week ago.

Glad to have you on board! Enjoy the amounts of knowledge everyone has amassed here at the SPF (everyone but me, that is... :uhhuh: )!!


Jun 21, 2005
Midwest US
Nice to meet you! I'm in Illinois too, but in the St. Louis area.

Single Player + ATMA = ideal.

When I get my game/computer problems resolved, a frenzy barb is on my list. I wound up downloading the patch to play on b.net with my friend and also to join some SPF games; I'm just going to go ahead and load my 1.10 fishymancer into 1.11 and continue with him first.

Since I don't get to actually Play the Game lately, I've been spending a lot of time here reading about it. :lol: The knowledge base here is phenomenal. Everyone is really nice and helpful.


Sep 14, 2004
Welcome aboard! I enjoy playing frenzy barbs too. They are just fun to play with! I try different variations of weapon to see which works best with frenzy. I like sorceresses as well. I am currently trying an archmage to see if it is possible.



Jul 11, 2003
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Frenzy barbs are definitely very cool. I am playing an untwinked one right now, who is currently in kurast norm. Very very fun, though it's a bit frustrating not being able to upgrade to better weapons due to lack of mana leech anywhere else. Trying to transmute some nice amulets possibly with mana leech. That said, welcome the the SPF and enjoy your stay!
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I can tell this is a community that I want to be a part of.

salvo said:
btw i like your 'tar
I stole it from the Arreat Summit and I've already seen someone else using it, so it's probably going to go soon. It was nice while it lasted :lol:

logger120 said:
welcome. enjoy you stay and save you shins some abuse and read the FAQs sticky.
I'm way ahead of you. I'm probably one of the only people here that actually bothers to read the stickies...

It's a great, easy build. You can make them fairly easily untwinked, too. Speed + high melee damage = win. I don't think I've used a shield on a Barb ever since I figured out they could dual wield in D2C. Shields are for pansys. (and other classes, of course)


Sep 27, 2004
Utrecht, the Netherlands
Hi, welcome to the SPF (maythegodssmileonallitsmembers)

As others have mentioned, be sure to read the FAQ's to avoid later embarrasment. I'm not certain we have a resident shinkicker at the moment, but in case we do, here's a coupon for free 'shinguards of protectiness', redeemable at the Ethldtaq memorial bar. They come with a free full rejuve potion, just to be certain.

While you're there, be sure to have a drink and a cookie (we serve everything) and hang out with the regulars. If you're lucky there might even be a pool party...

Oh, and have a great, long stay here


Jun 25, 2003
welcome be sure to get some anti squid gear, and remember to not feed my wolfes and above all enjoy your stay.


Jul 19, 2004
Welcome! Enjoy this goodie basket of baked goods and squid repelant. Tell us more about yourself, like what you do whan you aren't playing D2.

salvo said:
PS: where and how can i register for shinkicker profession? who is pioneer?
The origianl is gone, the one who took over is gone, basicly it's up for grabs, just rember if you kick an EU the rest of us will come and get you (and I"ll burn your cookies)