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my frenzy barb sucks

Aug 3, 2005
my frenzy barb sucks

i mean its level 24 now and i thought it'd be good when i got frenzy cause i had hard time killing things with just double swing... but no luck, frenzy is actually SLOWER than double swing :( i know my weapons suck but im on ladder so i cant really do anything (2 1 handed axes that do 20 max damage)

any suggestions?


Jun 23, 2003
try to get goblin toes, they are pretty cheap and give a nice 25% crushing blow, additionally you can make strength(amn + tir) axes which also give crushing blow (another 25%)
also, keep all the elemental damage charms that you find, as they will add damage to both weapons, which is really helpful.

additionally, there are set like death (gloves + sash) which can be had for a few gems usually, and sigons gaunts/belt or helmet give a nice ias bonus and are also found quite a bit, and thus rather cheap.

Hang in there, beginnig of ladder is never easy, especially for melee chars, but like the other guys said, get a few levels(you can do baal runs in 1 level) and you will get a lot better very quickly...keep your eyes peeled for amns and 2 socket axes and youll be whoopin in no time



Aug 15, 2004
Running the deserts of Athas.
Kill the countess a few times and get yourself some crappy runes. Turn those crappy runes into some decent starter runewords. I busted my hump to be able to run her in the first place to be sure. I started out with plain weapons found along the way, then i went through several rare swords i found or gambled. I ended up with one with % to cast amp damage and one that had LL on it. I started running the countess and made two steel swords and a stealth armor. I finally got her to drop enough runes so i could cube up an eth rune and finished a malice sword which i swapped out for one of the steel swords. I made a nadir helm too. :lol:

I found a ML ammy and if i ever get a LL ring look out world! Yeah it sucks being a melee char right now.


Jun 28, 2003
Put your fastest weapon (i am not talking about words like "very fast", i am talking about base speeds of weapons, check www.battle.net/diablo2exp/items) in your right hand. This will dictate the speed of your frenzy as the speed of the weapon in your other hand will not matter as much.