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My first 1.10 HC attempt, Success!


Jun 23, 2003
My first 1.10 HC attempt, Success!

Yup! It's 1.10
(gonna be stucked here for a while, trouble installing 1.11)
So, FE bugs were dealed very carefully...

It all started before I almost got bored with diablo (again),
I plan on playing HC in hoping to get my d2addict-ness back...
and it DID ^_^

I don't really plan on playing HC, since I had a bitter
experience in it way back from 1.09...

An assassin, died from a scarabs lightning.
And an amazon, died from MLEBs from a unique boss.

Lessons learned from it?

- Have a perfect resistance! Or at least above 50+, esp in Fire/Lightning
- Don't open evil urns ^_^
- Know the monsters mods
- Be flexible and extra careful
- Scout first
- Learn to kite
- Be patient

So... now the nicer part.
About the name of my HC char and what build...

Well, it came out simple...


First, Bowazon was the build I come up with...
But in later part of the game, she isn't that effective,
(in terms of killing speed...)
so when i reached somewhere in my clvl35+,
I pumped up Lightning fury, it hasten me a lot big time!
Using even the crappiest throwing javelin will work the same ^_^
So, the final build turned out as a hybrid Amazon.
Hybrid means versatility...
and being versatile means you can own anything ^_^
and higher chance of survival.

(I did think of using a fishymancer, but I dont like the way it is played
... less tense ^_^)


I looked on the net for some Roman names,
and find the best that would be strong, as well as appealing.

so, guess what? The name that suited my taste was..


In the roman name, it means "Alive, worth living for"
Pretty good name for HC char, ne ^_^

The Deeds of Valor

Vitalis owned everything! Eventhough she spent most of time hitting far
from the monsters,
Being besides a monster irritates her a lot ^_^
The closest she can possibly be is at least a sliver away from a frostnova distance.
In Normal and NM, she spent a lot on Eldritch and Pindleskin for XP'ing.
And sometimes, on Baal.
She got most of her leveling from them.

But in Hell, playing here is intense and heart-pounding!
Eventhough Act 1 and 2 were easy.
Act 3 scared me a lot (esp. the durance),
My 800 HP were cut into half when a 1 stygian doll..
explodes besides me(closest call)... so, after it... i became extra careful... casting
decoy every unsurveyed map, and sometimes also with my valk.

The occasional triggering of AMP from WWS helped a lot... esp for dishing
act Bosses. Hell Baal took a lot time than anyone.
Consumed >50 mana pots and <50 healing pots ^_^
NPC's had a great business with her :D
I had a Riphook that were found on NM Diablo for weapon switch in dealing
Act bosses/Ancients only...
Mainly for it's slowing effect and incredible fast attack.

STRAFE vs Multiple Shot vs Lightning Fury

Strafe is good for 1 to many targets.
Multiple shot is good for many target & distributing slow target.
Lightning Fury is great for mass killing. (of course, for not LI)

The Stats


HP are somewhere in 1300+

Character Levels (in each diff.)

Normal---- Started at 1 ^_^
Nightmare- Started at 55, Finished at 75
Hell------ Guardianship at Clvl85

The Gear

She is purely SP, no mods and untwinked. (no atma pls ^_^)
That is up for the challenge!
I don't even mule out anything i found on her.

Helm---- LORE circlet (cheap.. but it worked!)
Amulet-- 32HP, 18 cold/fire/poison res, 42 lighting res, 1/2 duration poison
Armor--- STEALTH gothic plate (Normal 'till Hell ancients), switched to Najs Armor
Gloves-- BLOOD gloves - 20ias, 3 LL, 9 CB, 3 STR, 13 DEX, 12 HP. 6 poison res
Belt---- Razortail
Ring 1-- 25/29 Cold/Fire Res, 4 DEX
Ring 2-- 25 Lightning Res, 5 ML
Boots--- Rare boots - 30 FRW, 4 DEX, 25 Fire Res, 39 Poison Res
Weapon 1-- WWS (yeah, found on NM Radament, 1 shael -> she suck on finding the 2nd)
Weapon 2-- Magical Ceremonial Javelin (+1 to javelin skills, increased stack size)
Shield --- Bveritt Keep

The Charms
life/vita charms, resistance charms, +59 mana charm, 175 poison/6 sec

The Hell Resistance

The Skills (+1 to pre-reqs)

Bow Skills

Passive Skills
15-Penetrate (plan on putting the remaining here)

Javelin Skills

The Mercenary
Holy Freeze Merc with Rare Eth Stygian pike dual leech, Ptopazed Nats Armor, and Tals Mask
He is very sensitive from gloams ^_^

After reaching the Guardianship in 6 days span...
What would we expect her from now on?
You can see her pindling for the rest of her life for MF and XP ^_^
Hope she stay that way :D

FINAL NOTE: No ESC runs for death were used ^_^

Thanks for reading!


Mar 25, 2004
Congratulations ! Making guardian isnt easy job. I suppose you played untwinked? Nice items you got there then !