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Meet Patriarch A****aroth


Meet Patriarch A****aroth

Hello everybody,
I restarted playing last week, and I couldn't resist to post in the forum my first 1.11 patriarch/matriarch. He's the first of my return project: A Pat/Mat from each class, at least, and a Guardian, things that I didn't make when I started to play D2 exp.

My Necromancer was a Fishymancer, untwinked, from zero. It was very fun to play with him almost all the time, only got boring in Act IV, when I died a couple of times to some gloams, to some Poisoned guys. Died a few times, but only in Act IV Hell it was when I was prepared for anything and aware...the other ones I was watching TV or doing something else...:D

So, this is A****aroth.

Patriarch A****aroth, level 83. Fishymancer.
Base Stats (with items):
Str: 90 (94)
Dex: 180 (180)
Vit: 175 (195)
Eng: 60 (95)

Gear: hm...poor. The ones that worth to be named are:
Peasant Crown War Hat
The Stone of the Jordan Ring
Natalya's Soul Mesh Boots
Rhyme Grim Shield

The skills are the normal of a fishymancer. Only spent some points into revives, a little in Summon Resists, a couple in Amplify Damage, for the radius, some points into Bone Wall, to sinergize Bone Armor and a point into Fire Golem, a nice meat shield that calls everbody to a hand-to-hand, :)

Probably will use him to run Pindle, maybe Pit...



Feb 28, 2005
Congrats on your Pat! :thumbsup: Reading your experience with a Fishymancer makes me want to try this build next. Seems really fun!


Jun 26, 2004
Congrats on the pat!

Personally, I would have given up some blocking % to make Rhyme in a shrunken head and get some +skills, but that's good too. :thumbsup:


essojay said:
Congrats on the pat!

Personally, I would have given up some blocking % to make Rhyme in a shrunken head and get some +skills, but that's good too. :thumbsup:

Hm...hehe. That's a really good ideia, but I didn't found a nice head to use my only Shael Rune, and I am planning to use it in other charz too. :)

Thirty-Thirty said:
Congratulations! Always a reliable build. Am I the only person who doesn't understand the character's name?

Sorry, :( I didn't realized that the Forum auto-substitute some words for *. A****aroth. The 4 * that are appearing you can substitute for s h i t, As h i t aroth. :D

[]s and thank you for reading...


Mar 12, 2005
congrats on the pat. and much more congrats on finding the SoJ! :thumbsup: did you make countless Andy runs or did you use up the next 10 years luck in an unexpected drop?