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max block

max block

I am SO sorry to ask this question! The thread that I had been checking for the info on my pvp sin poofed with all the other threads. I know this has been asked a thousand times.... so, here is 1,001

How much dex for max block at lvl 73 with SS for a sin?
(please dont give me the equation, I am kinda stoopid. ;) )

Thank you!
Wow, ty. You didnt even flame me! :D

Quick question, if anyone else stumbles upon my noobzor thread.
The guide I am following recommended magefists for my pvp light trapsin. Wouls gloves with ias be better? maybe Ik gauntlets/boots? +20 Str/dex, +25% IAS?


Jan 9, 2004
I'm not sure that ias affects trap laying. I always thought it was Faster cast rate. I would place resists and stats highest when looking for gloves.
Take my advice with a grain of salt though, I dont pvp at all.
Jul 3, 2003
actually, it is ias that effects trap laying, and I'm not sure why magefists would be recomended for a light trapper.. i would think ias gloves would be much better, perhaps with stats/resists. hope that helps.


Crazy Person

Aug 10, 2003
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SinfulSlave said:
Thanks jesus! I knew IAS effected trap laying, so I was puzzled why the guide recommended the magefists...
magefists (or trangs, if you hybrid with venom) are the best choice for a trapper, the only spell you will really use CR for is BM, but its the key spell for this build to work.


Jun 22, 2003
*Akilea @ europe
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dex [(Block * Clvl * 2) / TB] + 15

Dex = total points of dex required for desired %block.
Block = Desired block. 75% in most cases.
Clvl = Character lvl.
TB = Block coming from the shield + items like guardian angel + holy shield. This isn't limited to 75%. A shield like whistan's for example gives 85% block to ama's , sins and barbs.
[] = Round up.

This formula shouldn't be to hard to use would it? Just fill in your Charlvl , block and Total block , and you're almost done.