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Max block

Mad Mantis

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Jun 24, 2003
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The formula for blocking is the following:

Blocking % = (Shield Block% × [Dex – 15]) ÷ (CLevel × 2 )

In which: Blocking % = The chance to actually block an attack
Shield Block % = The chance to block displayed on a shield
Dex = Dexterity of your character
Clevel = The Level of your character


Jun 27, 2003
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Dragonmaster said:
Hmm sorry for the nooblar question but the faq thread and search seem messed up. Could someone tell me where a calculator for dex for max block, how to calculate it, or just how much dex you need for max with homon? thanks

rather than muck around with the forumula u can also do it just simply by pointing the mouse over the defence field in your char screen and it should bring up a small caption calculating your current % block rate with the sheild u got.



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Jun 21, 2003
AFAIK = As far as I know. It is independant on your opponent, but it drops to 1/3rd of its value when you are running (75% block will become 25% block if you run and be back at 75% when you walk or stand still. 60% will be 20% etcetera)
hmm well im pure bone (except the one point in clay golem) so I guess I will need it... Hmm how much can I hope to get through equip though? 50 at most with charms im guessing? Also, would upgrading homunculus to elite change this in any way?

Guess ill start putting into dex

btw, if someone could give me a precise amount of dex to max with homun (67%) at lvl 99 i would really appreciate it, my calculator seems to be pretty inaccurate
TheKbob said:
Too tired right now to do it, sorry.

Well with shako and mara's, that cuts 7... not a big deal, but every bit helps.

If you use Waterwalks... that is 15 more there...

I'll think of more l8r


20 from a perfect anni charm

Taken straight out of my guide at the top...


Total Blocking % = [Blocking x (Dexterity - 15)] / (Character Level x 2)

To find out how much dexterity you need at a certain level with a certain shield, use this formula.

Dex Required = {[(75 x (Level x 2)] / Shield's Block %} +15

Round up on decimals.

Some blocking calculations with certain shields at lvl 99:

Stormshield: 236 Dex for 74.7% block
Homunculus: 220 Dex for 74.5% block
Whistan's Guard: 185 Dex for 74.7% block

At lvl 85:

Stormshield: 205 Dex for 74.8% block
Homunculus: 192 Dex for 74.9% block
Whistan's Guard: 161 Dex for 74.7% block


Jul 7, 2003
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my 1.09 necro used catseye and raven to help with dex. raven has cannot freeze and also gives some mana, and cats gives some r/w. i dont know if its worth the trade for maras or w/e. cannot freeze however, is pretty important vs some classes.


Dec 31, 2003
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Mad Mantis, are you a mathematician? My chemistry prof told us there are only 4 people in this world who REALLY understand quantum physics. I think you're one of them. :)