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Maphack banning--are my friends gone?

Hnoo B

May 10, 2005
Maphack banning--are my friends gone?

Hi, sorry to ask a dumb question. Are CD-keys getting banned, or accounts or what? If a CD-key got banned then all accounts associated with the disk are gone? CD-key can't be used again but accounts are ok if you go buy a new CD in <90 days? If an account gets banned then CD-key still works but all your characters are gone? I don't have MH, didn't get banned, so don't know how it works. However I have (online) friends that I know for sure have MH (one of them was just gloating to me yesterday about installing it), and am worried about not ever seeing them again, which would kinda suck.

So any explanation of how what actually happened would be great, especially in context of whether or not I'm ever likely to meet people who got banned again.

P.S. - one more question if they got banned does it make it clear to them or will they just see a "realm down" type message for the rest of eternity?