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Lightning Zealot


Sep 4, 2018
This is one of my favorite builds and my favorite for the paladin.

It is similar to the Physical Zealot that is uses some similar skills such as Zeal and Holy Shield, but instead of Fanaticism, it uses Holy Shock, dealing lightning damage instead of physical. At very high levels, a synergized Holy Shock can wipe out crowds of weaker enemies and heavily damage tougher foes. There were times when I never had to lay a finger, the aura did all the work for me. I never get tired of seeing enemies spread apart all over the screen getting zapped, sometimes fatally, especially those annoying teleporting demon imps in act 5. Act 5 was where I saw the true power of Holy Shock at very high levels, killing multiple enemies in one pulse. Of course, once I hit tougher difficulty levels, I probably won't see it as much, or at all, even with the best equipment.

According to an online skill planner, a fully synergized high level Holy Shock is even more powerful than a fully synergized high level Holy Fire and Freeze combined. It's too bad that per kill doesn't work with the elemental auras.

The only problem with this build is that due to much of your damage being elemental, your leeching abilities are weaker than other melee builds.

At the start, I saved points, getting the synergies for Zeal and Holy Shock along the way. I also picked up Cleansing for reducing poison and curse duration, eliminating the need to carry antidote potions. Once Zeal and Resist Lightning became available, I pumped each of them until I ran out of points, then continued pumping Resist Lightning. Once Holy Shock became available, I pumped it until maxed, then continued pumping Resist Lightning. Once that is done, I'll max Zeal then Holy Shield. Salvation will be the last skill maxed for extra damage to Holy Shock. At level 99, I won't have any skill points left over with this setup.

Here is my setup for my hireling and my endgame equipment:

Act 2 Nightmare Offensive

Andariel's Visage (increased skill level and life leech)
Treachery (increased attack speed and chance to cast fade)
Infinity Cryptic Axe (Conviction Aura to resist resistances)

Helmet: Griffon's Eye (increased lightning damage, reduced enemy lightning resistance, skill level)
Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope (increased skill levels and resistances)
Armor: Chains of Honor Archon Plate (skill levels, life leech, damage resistance, and resistances)
Weapon: Crescent Moon Phase Blade (indestructibility, static field, and reduced enemy lightning resistance)
Swap Weapon: Call to Arms Flail (prebuff purposes)
Shield: Herald of Zakarum (increased skills, resistances, block chance)
Swap Shield: Spirit Paladin Shield (increased skills for prebuff purposes)
Ring 1: Raven Frost (cannot be frozen, dexterity bonus)
Ring 2: Bul-Katho's Wedding Band (increased skill level, life leech)
Belt: Verdungo's Hearty Coil (increased vitality and damage resistance)
Boots: Gore Rider (crushing blow and deadly strike)
Gloves: Soul Drainer (dual leech, decreased defense per hit, synergizes nicely with Conviction Aura from Infinity)


Nov 3, 2019
Hei !

Try with Dream RW Shield + Helm and using Conviction for Aura and Reaper's Toll (40ED 15IAS jewel) /Treachery/Guillaume's Face (40ED 15IAS jewel) for the merc :p


May 1, 2012
Try with Dream RW Shield + Helm and using Conviction for Aura and Reaper's Toll (40ED 15IAS jewel) /Treachery/Guillaume's Face (40ED 15IAS jewel) for the merc :p

If you're going dual Dreams and using Conviction on your paladin instead of on your merc's weapon, why not just go with an all-out Clerv's Auradin?