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Lightning Sorceress


Sep 4, 2018
We all hate those Lightning Enchanted Super Uniques and those scarab beetles, both of which emit charged bolts when hit. Now with this build, we can turn the tables on them! And we don't even need to get hit to evoke them!

Were it not for the fact that the minimum damage of some spells is very low and only in the single digits, this would be my favorite sorceress build. Thunderstorm, this elemental tree's overhead attack isn't as effective as Meteor or Blizzard due to lack of synergies, the bolts not striking often enough, and only one coming down at once. Maybe if it had synergies, summoned more bolts, and more often (just like what you see at the Cairn Stones), this would be a more effective skill.

Lightning is the easiest immunity to break due to most enemies having immunities of only up to 115. Combined with Infinity's Conviction and items that further reduce lightning resistances of enemies, they'll start dropping like flies.

Charged Bolt was the first skill I maxed. Then until Lightning Mastery becomes available, Lightning is the next skill to pump. Once Lightning Mastery becomes effective, it is the next skill to be maxed due to the increase in damage to all lightning skills higher than the increase from Fire Mastery. I also got the mandatory sorceress skills: warmth, teleport, and static field. Lightning, Chain Lightning, and Nova all need to be maxed as well due to being damage synergies. Thunderstorm is only left at one point. Chain Lightning is great for enemies spread apart, Charged Bolt for larger crowds, and Lightning for single enemies.

Here is the endgame hireling and equipment setup:

Act 2 Nightmare Defensive
Andariel's Visage (life leech and skill levels)
Treachery (increased attack speed and chance to cast fade)
Infinity Cryptic Axe (conviction aura to reduce resistances)

Helmet: Griffon's Eye (increased lightning damage, reduced enemy lightning resistance, skill level)
Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope (increased skills and resistances)
Armor: Chains of Honor Archon Plate (increase skill levels and resistances)
Weapon: Heart of the Oak Flail (increased skill levels, resistances, and casting speed)
Swap Weapon: Call to Arms Flail (prebuff purposes)
Shields: Spirit Monarchs (increased skill levels and casting speed)
Rings: 2 Stones of Jordan (increased skill levels and mana pool)
Belt: Arachnid Mesh (increased skill level and mana pool)
Boots: Silkweave (increased mana pool and mana per kill)
Gloves: Magefist (increased mana regeneration rate and casting speed)

According to my notes, I'll have 5 skill points left at level 99 when all skills are maxed. I've spent one of those points to get Frozen Armor. Should I respect to get rid of it? Where should I put my remaining points? How does my equipment and hireling setup look?


Oct 17, 2019
So, a few notes. I would personally go with fortitude instead of treachery, since it greatly boosts your mercenaries damage and survivability, where as fade can sometimes take a bit too long to trigger. As for your skill points, i usually dont get thunderstorm if the purpose is magic finding, since everything gets killed so fast anyway. So, if all of your important lightning spells are maximized, i would suggest spending the remaining points in shiver armor. Its not really necessary, but its a good way of spending them. If you want to, you can also spend them on warmth. It will help you regain your mana if you get hit by mana burn, although you shouldnt really get hit much if you are playing as a sorceress. Also, good choice with silkweave, they are probably the best boots for casters.
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