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(L) Item Fund for Druids


May 9, 2005
(L) Item Fund for Druids

I know some of you guys out there absolulty pwn this game. Have hundreds of muels full of items just waiting to be traded givin away or sold. How would we all like to give (and recive) while benifiting the druid race so that one day we can rise up and surpress our opposers.... Srry the split personality is getting out. Any way what i was thinking is that we could donate items to an account i have one in mind and there could be a keeper. If you need certain items you ask the keeper then you donate itewms for the ones you need or if there not to good items you just ask and we can give. So that our druid builds become better faster.

So here is the plan in short.

• have an account on witch we can put items
• people donate to the acount
• we give or swap items for the druids
*** NEED A VOLANTEER KEEPER*** i would but im not on enough

PLZ post your ideads and comments to see if we can get this thing going

also post the items you are willing to donate.

If we do have a keeper could he post the items on the account every so often.

We could also do this on non ladder?