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Kicker/Trapper build question


Jul 4, 2003
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Kicker/Trapper build question


What u guys think about this build?

main skills:

Max DTail
Max Fire Blast
Max Death Sentry(more points=more range right?)

I need a char who can solo the über quest and strong vs huge monster packs(death sentry).


Aug 4, 2005
You need to max 'Dragon Talon', not 'Dragon Tail', or the ubers will just laugh in your face and answer you with a nice one-hit kill. :p

I have seen people maxing Fire Blast before but I personally don't see the point for a talon build (except for pure trappers using Fire Blast against LI), I think 5 blasts are enough for DS to do its job well. I'd rather spend those points on other skills like Lightning Sentry, Venom and let's not forget Fade (Uber Meph!).

So my advice would be:

Max DTalon
Max Death Sentry
Max Lightning Sentry
0-20 Venom ? (this skill probably doesn't help much but at least you keep the ubers from regenerating. Plus, this is just a cool skill to have. :cool: )
Fade at least 10 pts to counter Mephs conviction (and for the PDR).

Also, I think a Shadow Master/Warrior is pretty much useless in Tristram so you could consider saving those points and putting them in other skills instead. Of course, DS en LS are also pretty useless there, so...

Anyway, what's most important is that in the end you have around 100% Crushing Blow, high AR (10k-20k), enough stacked resists with fade and life-tap ready.