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Iron Golum Question


Jul 8, 2017
Hi, I was reading about iron Golum and thought of something tyat I have not seen before, and was wondering if it would work. The sorceress skill Enchant says it effects the weapon. My question is could you have a sorceress enchant your weapon before you make it into an Iron Golum and therefore make it OPAF?


Europe Trade Moderator
Aug 17, 2003
Hamburg, Germany
I don't think that it will work. Enchant is cast on a character, not on a weapon, so whatever weapon that character is wearing while being enchanted, that one will receive the bonus. If the weapon is dropped to the ground to make an iron golem out of it, it won't have the enchant bonus anymore.

By the way, it's called iron golEm.


May 1, 2012
Yeah, that's not how Enchant behaves. It doesn't actually do anything to weapons at all. I remember having a sorceress cast a superpowered Enchant (boosted with gear to level 40-something) on a low-level paladin and having him punch his way through everything in his path. Of course, a sorceress (or any character that can cast Enchant, such as a necromancer wielding a Demon Limb) could cast Enchant on an Iron Golem, which would work. Various means of enhancing Iron Golem can give it a melee attack that ranges anywhere from negligible to mediocre, however that lines up against "OPAF." If the plan is to cast Enchant on summoned pets to give them a boost, it would make more sense to Enchant an army of skeletons, as there'd be more sources of Enchant-boosted attacks. That being said, the strongest weapon I found in my testing for making an Iron Golem that can kill Hell monsters was an ethereal Obedience runeword (I've since forgotten which base polearm, but a cryptic axe should be fine). I'd reason that the Enchant proc was a significant contributor. While it was a much stronger golem, it was not a particularly fast or easy way to kill stuff.