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Idea for SP MA build


Apr 16, 2017
SO, thought this up and am currently trying it in single player (its my only sp atm).
20 Claws of thunder
20 Phoenix strike
20 Dragon Tail
1 to all other MA
20 Shadow Master (plus pre-req's)
rest into mind blast
done around lvl 82

Gear would be something along these lines:
Armor: treachery (to save points into fade and venom plus the 45% ias for gathering charges)
Helm: shako/andys (generally) or even darksight cause I like the dim vision and CBF
belt: SOE/dungos (basic choice)
Boots: shadow dancers (GL in sp haha) but maybe goblins/gores
amulet: highlords
rings: would like carron/wisp just for ctc nonsense but RF and a Blood ring would do.
gloves: lava gout for enchant or +2MA blood gloves
Weapons: so, if I happen to just find a Sur I wouldn't mind trying a wind claw and/or any combo of unique claws (which ever I find first). I feel like 2 shadow killers would do well to add nice cold dmg/slow to the light dmg and fire dmg.

Notes: basic idea is to charge up claw of thunder and then use dragon tail to get a fire/lightning combo. so far I'm at duriel in norm and I am wrecking everything with this build. Quite mana reliant which is annoying but I think some mana leech would fix this. I also don't know much about dragon tail and its bugs/effects so any info would be appreciated. thank you. (the only items I am set on using is the treachery and claws.


Mar 2, 2011
Don't max SM. Unless you can find a really sweet set of rare claws, dual Bartuc's > SK by a mile. Don't use treachery, you can get those resists easily elsewhere, BoS would be better. You should be able to get enough resists to comfortably use BoS instead, although of course you would lose the DR bonus. MA/IAS gloves would be good, but consider LoH as well - forget about LG, the enchant isn't worth it. Drop Carrion unless you're making the build for the novelty of CtC, a dual leech ring would serve you better. Shako is ok, but a nice circlet or Kira's would be better I think. If dual claw, use Dragon Claw as your finisher. Otherwise, use normal attack, particularly if you don't use a claw weapon for PS (perfectly viable).
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Jul 23, 2017
Rare gloves with +2 MA skills and IAS and other fun mods are nice too

perhaps have a look at the MAT/PAT/Guardian collection thread for some ideas?