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i need a little help...


Aug 17, 2005
i need a little help...

I'm sure many of you guys here have been at this alot longer than i have.
So i figured this was probally one of the better places to look for help.
I've been doing quite a bit of searching online in reguard to buying and selling diablo II items,
and although i've found a couple of legitiment looking websites, i cannot seem to find any that have programs where you can trade items to them for cash, with paypal or something else.
i've been interested lately in selling some items i have online, but using a service such as ebay seems rather dangerous, seeing there's no way to prove you have the item, or how you will give it to them.
what i'm trying to ask is...
is there anybody out there who has found a good service online that will sell AND buy items on diablo II?
have you used any of them, and what experience have you had with them.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, as i do not want to get myself in trouble trying to sell these things on ebay, and i cant seem to find a middle man suitable for a job like that.

Thanks guys, keep up the great site and forums!



Jul 3, 2004
this forum does not support the selling/buying of any d2 items because most of them are obtained by using cheats such as bots/hacks/dupes.

Even though some of the sites you may have visited look legit, do no always trust them. There have been countless stories of people buying items and the site never delivering them and never answering any emails.


Jul 28, 2005
Paris, France
me too man : i have collected 7 torches, and im unable to find a good site to sell them
best thing we can do is selling on ebay : strategy is to do not give away the item untill u have confirmation of payment
Remember, you have the item they want, so you are in position to state your requirements, right ?
Lets PM eatch other if we manage a trade ok ?
Halode :thumbsup: