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Hydra / Orb Sorceress...


Jul 5, 2003
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Hydra / Orb Sorceress...


This is my first sorceress ever at my Diablo 2 "time".

I´m thinking of a "level 30" sorc, just using the skills that is availible at level 30 on her skilltrees, and that came out with Hydra and Frozen Orb.

I know that isn´t a usual build of what I have seen at the Europe Realm, and maybe not a cookie-cutter build either, but I will try.

I need help to decide how to build her:


20 Hydra
20 Fireball
20 Firebolt
1 Fire Mastery

20 Orb
20 Ice Bolt
1 Cold Mastery

1 Telekinesis
1 Teleport

That makes 110 skillpoints or lvl 99.

Are there any expert that can help me with experience from such build (Hydra/Orb)?

Regards MA


Apr 27, 2005
My first ever sorc was a very noobish hyda-orb sorc, prepatch 1.10 though, and i've dabbled with hydra since. They're really not very good; fully synergised with very average equipment u should happily manage 1.2k per bolt. I can give u one instant piece of advice; if u plan to use hydras, max firemastery instead of one of the other skills. Firemastery increases hydra damage by 7% per lvl instead of 3%. According to the skill calc i use, with 60 points invested (not inc prereq), use FM and do 600, use FB and bolt and do 400. 1 point in FM is better than 1 in both FB and bolt... Do it your way and you'll end up a meteorb, with hydras incapable of killing anything, whose wasted many skill points.

On the FO side, again put more points in mastery and 1 in ice bolt - max ice bolt and do a pathetic 40% more damage: max, or near max CM and do at least double, potentially several times as much (with 50 cold res, lvl 17 CM means u do 3 times as much damage; with 90 cold res u do 11 times as much...)

Finally, put 1 point in LM and SF. I'm afraid you're character won't be great - your FO will be the only thing that can kill seriously without elete gear - but it should be fun.

Good luck!


Aug 2, 2005
Barre, VT
My favorite sorc

I've done a couple of hydra/orb sorcs. I really enjoy them. I maxed hydra, fm and all the synergies and had about 15 points in fo and one in cm. I am rebuilding her for 1.11. I would make the following changes...and am... Max fireball first to make leveling easier. Put points into the prereqs for fo and then at level 30 start putting points in hydra and top off fireball. Fill up hydra, then I would alternate between orb and fm. I didn't use a calculator, but added points depending on what skills I used. Hydra isn't extremely usefull unless you get all five out. The previous person said that it only does 1.2 fully synergized. Mine was at 1.4-1.6k with tals set and no other skills. The thing is that each hydra has 3 heads that each do that damage, which adds up. The trick is getting them all out before you are hit. I like to lead into an area by lining up hydras, so that any monsters have to come toward me and walk the line of hydras. This means that the first monster dies almost immediately. I can kill hell andy in about 5 seconds once my hydras are set. They are great for getting monsters at a distance and around the corner. The bonus of this build is that you get 3.3-3.7k fireball when all is said in done. People scoff at me and say " I can get 12k". I put a hydra down, spam fireball, another hydra, repeat. I can do an incredible amount of damage this way.