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Hybrid Elemntalist


Jun 23, 2003
Hybrid Elemntalist

Is a hybrid druid - fissure/volcano and tornado possible?
In terms of viability and amount of skill points...
I dont plan on getting their maximum synergies....
I just want a viable and somehow a decent killing speed...
(im using it in HC, untwinked)

If Im also putting 10 points of Oak Sage, 10 points in direwolf, 1 point in grizzly? (no vines)

Since playing a 2 timered skills(fissure/volcano) isnt attractive at all... oh..
Can u start casting/spamming tornado right after casting a volcano/fissure?

(will hurricane can still fit in to its hybrid-ness?)



Jul 7, 2003
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I had a tornado/fissure druid, the ability to throw Fissure into the tornado/hurricane carnage really sped up things as did the ability to have a fire skill to assist Tornado against cold immunes were Hurricane was obsolete.

I don't think you'll be able to have that much in your summon skill and still have strong spells, sadly you sacrifice some safety but gain alot of offensive powers IMO.


Aug 2, 2005
Here's what I've been thinking of doing... (this is PvM by the way)

20 Fissure
20 Firestorm (firestorm and fissure synergize each other, as do volcano and fissure - you could go that way instead)
20 Twister
20 Tornado
20 Hurricane (max this last)

Now the reason I put 20 in twister and not cyclone armor is that twister and tornado both up the damage for hurricane, while CA only increases the time, which is not an issue for me... I don't mind casting it every 12 seconds. So by the time you max Hurricane it will have max damage.

Now you will have 3 viable attacks - fire, cold, and phys - so there really shouldn't be any immunes that you have to worry about (except for freak super uniques). Plus, if you could find some pelt w/ +3 to armageddon, then w/ +skills you would have a nice 50 sec. 'geddon that you could cast and forget for even more damage!


Jun 25, 2003
Around my PC, actually.
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Well, since you have just exploited my secret build...

Yes, I am playing/working on hybrid elementalists druids since months ago trying to make a good pvp char. The issue was the skillpoints distribution to have the optimal damage from both elemental trees in usefull skills, trying to get the best of both sides, to balance it all. So I had to rebuild them after some testing several times. Is great for both pvp and pvm, despite not being a killing machine like hammerdin (or sorc in an inmunesless scene), you can deal vs any situation since you deal decent damage with all 3 clases of damage, fire, cold and physical.

I am working in a guide atm (well, most of it is on my mind yet...), still need to test some things (pvp-wise, it is hard to get good duelers for tests this days...), finish and try the last rebuild (omg to be finished I have to take him to clvl+95 t.t.). Also need to ask a budie to review the guide itself (*cough*grammer*cough*). May be I make a draft guide in order to allow people to make comments and include them all in the final version, dunno if its a good idea, what do you think?.

The only thing I am to advance by now is this: I have more success by far dueling than with the single tree builds, are much more versatile and the most important thing, are fun! (specially if compared with the tedious windie :p )
Aug 3, 2005
My question about how to build a hybrid (I'm trying right now): Do you start out as a straight fire/wind druid then add in the 2nd side as you go along and thus have one powerful tree and then add in the 2nd set as you get towards late NM/hell? If so which side first?

And secondly for the remaining 7 skill points (3 for MB, AB and CA). 1 into oak early to get you started and maybe one into each vine (for if needed?) Sure you'll finish the build late but you'll last longer on the way there most likely. Then dump the last few into cyclone for added defense at the very end?