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Help with lvl60 L Frost Zealot


Jul 5, 2005
Los Angeles, CA
Help with lvl60 L Frost Zealot

I'd like advice on equipment, future skills and stats allocation.

My Skills:
Zeal: 15
Holy Freeze: 20
Resist Cold: 15
Holy Shield: 5

Stats: (base)
Strength: 70
Dexterity: 100
Vitality: 90
Energy: 15

110 stats saved

479 hp
151 mana
Damage: 617-709

Helm: Rare Full Helm, 22%LR, 9 HP, 5 NRG, 37def
Gloves: Rare Light Caunts, 18 AR, 14def, 19%mf, half freeze duration
Armor: Rare Plate Mail, 133def, 8 HP, PR 20%, pois length reduced by 50%
Boots: Magical Demonhide Boots, 20% frw, PR 26%
Amulet: Magical, 46 HP
Ring1: Cathan's,
Ring2: Rare, +1 max dmg, 10 NRG, CR 25%, LR 15%, 7% PR
Belt: Hsaru's
Weapon: Hawkeye's Crystal Sword of Quickness (ar per lvl/40%ias)


Jan 30, 2004
As far as equipment and skill allocation go, you can find everything you need in the guide that I wrote. The link to it is in the Guides sticky at the top of the Paladin Forum.

For stats: I'd say your dex looks good; put it into vitality, especially if you play hardcore. You only need strength enough for gear in a Frost Zealot build, so as long as you can wear what you need dont put any more points in it.


Aug 1, 2003
I also have a question about dexterity for a frost zealot and figured I would post it here. The guide says to have enough dex for maximum blocking, and that's 75%, right? But what about attack rating and hit percent? Do I need to get my AR up to the point where it's 95% against the highest level monster? Should I be 95% to hit Hell Baal? Will this go up as I level, or do I need to put more points in it?

Currently, I'm about wher Souljer is at right now, and have 100 points in dex, but my chance to hit NM Duriel was only about 70%. I'm just wondering how people's dex looks like in the end game.


Jun 22, 2003
Great Lakes, USA
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My frost zealot is at lvl 80 and nearing end game. At 3800, my zealot's AR is not pretty. I've invested 100 points into dex (138 after items). I also maxed zeal (lvl 30 after items) and that gives a 300% AR bonus. I did not sink points into blessed aim because i am quite strapped for skill points. I'm also using a might merc instead of a blessed aim merc. My zealot only has a few items to help his chance to hit:

230 AR bonus from Ravenfrost
20% AR bonus from HoZ
-33 Target Defense from Heaven's Light
200 AR bonus vs demons from GA

So my next step is to acquire a demon limb for my switch to see what a lvl 23 enchant can do to my AR. If that's not good enough, the only thing I foresee doing is swapping +1 offensive charms for 100+ AR charms. AR is definitely problematic for frost zealots. :(

Edit: Ok well i just found a demon limb lying around on a mule and slapped it on. The enchant bumps up my zealot's AR by almost 2000! 5800 AR is more manageable for regular monsters. I still may need to swap charms against hell diablo and baal.


Feb 22, 2005
hey i am wondering wut i should max sac (more perctange of dam) or zeal cus its the attach i am using? should i put 10 to both or just zeal or what?


Jun 22, 2003
Great Lakes, USA
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@hikids: You should max zeal before working on sacrifice, otherwise you'll be starved for AR.

@slax0r: Oh yeah, so I took on diablo last night and suprisingly diablo went down quite quickly. I was thinking it'd be a while cuz of diablo's defense and block, but it took less than a minute. I guess crushing blow really does work even though i only have 68% CB. It just took forever getting through the CS for fear of iron maiden.