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Hc Metor Sorc Stats?

Jul 18, 2003
depends on your items

robin2010 said:
I was j/w should a hc sorc have maxed block? or is this unessacary?
also how much energy is good?

If you have a lot of +life stuff (especially vita sc) you should go for max block

If you're just an average joe like me it's easier (and safer) to go max vit

str is whatever needed for your equip (as usual). I usually stick with 75 to use tower shield.


Jun 28, 2003
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i'v made a few hc sorcs, the ones without max block are all dead, the ones with max block are alive (i even lost a sorc with base dex, 80 str and the rest in vit at lvl 89 to hell pindle in 2 hits).

i'd advise you to go for max block, my current sorc has stats something like 80 str, 150 dex, 300 vit, base energy and with + items i get to around 150 str and 240 dex.

i'm using tals belt, str/res ring, dex/res ring, perfect sandstorm trek, dex/resist/skill ammy, stormshield which brings my stats up alot.

if you really want to stay alive through lags etc. then i'd also advise on using a single point in energy shield and a single point in shiver armor.

this is all of course down to personal preference though, this just happens to work best for me, it might get you killed :)


Jul 24, 2003
Block is SOOOO important in the latest patch. Not only for HC, but for SC also, since you can't kill things very fast when you're dead.

I just made a max block sorc, and she's level 81 now, and she has 1k life and of course max block. In most area's she can tank for her own Meteors though she does use a Merc too. He's just around for the occasional Fire/Cold Immune which she can't kill.