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Good Morning Thursday

Good Morning Thursday

Whelp, got on later last night to find that Max was on. We were standing in Act3 in Hell, trying to decide how to approach things. He had gotten the Travincal WP over the weekend, so we decided to take on the council first, and try to bum the Durance2 WP off of someone in a pubby.

I managed to taunt the council out more or less 1 at a time until my merc managed to cause a Jailbreak. We kept it under control though. I tell Max to hang on, I'm gonna try to get Durance2 from a pubby.

Tried a couple of games, then popped into someone that was doing a Meph MF run. I asked for Durance2 at the same time he asked me for Travincal. :D

He grabbed his barb and gave me Durance2, then I gave them back to his zon. Max joined us while we were fighting Council for his zon, and we ended up running through A4 and CS. Umm, that was a bit scary. :)

Diablo dropped poo. So much for a combined uber drop for 4 characters getting quest at the same time. And then it was time for me to hit the rack. Not sure how much further Max got, but we now have all the major wp's in Acts 1-5 for the group.

Finally gave up on the thought of ever ditching Whitsan's guard and just dumped my 40 stat points into vita. I can see where I overbought on both Str and Dex, but not by too horribly much. Think I've got 225 in Vita now.

Found a nice helm too last night at some point. +2 Barb Skills, +19 all resists, with a total of 30 poison resists, and like +12 Str. I might start looking at finally moving away from Orphan's call set, depending on what else I can scrounge for belt and glove slots. I'd like to get my life up quite a bit higher. It's a bit low currently. I need to find a way to get it into the 2k range before BO, that would be nice.

At some point I'd like to make a barb that I had planned his stats much better and have the equipment in place before building him. It would be great to have a pure Vita Barb, but I'm not sure you can even do that anymore.


Jun 25, 2003
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No playing for me this week so far. I finished watching The Green Mile last night. That has to be one of my top two favorite movies of all time. I'm looking to be on tonight.

See y'all there (afk perhaps, but I'll see ya)



Jun 22, 2003
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I was on for a bit last night, saw Xir go into a Hell game. Since I'm doing NM countess and Andy runs, I didn't hassle.

Countess dropped 3 Ral runes at once, that was kinda cool. The Andy trick thing where you talk to Kaysha first might work, Andy dropped magefists and sander's booties. Wheee!

I'll be around tonight, I think. Boy, one of these days, I'm gonna plan out a character instead of using my Drunken Master technique.
I'll be on tonight - which character I run will depend on who is around at my designated playtime...probably around 6:00PM EST until whenever I pass out in front of my LUSCIOUS 20.1" flat panel display :D I'm actually disappointed that I can'r run D2 in a 1024x768 mode - I finally have the system to handle it, but I'm stuck with grossly enlarged 800x640 :p YUCK!!
Well, once again I seemed to have brought down all of battlenet simply because I put a few decent items on the ground to pass to other characters. Usually crashing my game is adequate, but this time it decided to ensure a complete raping and utter frustration by locking me out of Battlenet entirely. Even can't get in with other accounts on other realms.