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Gear needed for BvC?


Aug 5, 2005
Gear needed for BvC?

I want to build a BvC build for pvp and I was just wondering what the "dream item setup" would be. Im getting semi-rich in ladder so im pretty sure I can afford at least 1-2 pieces of equipment.

And can anyone also tell me what a dream set up would be for BvsB build? Thanks


Aug 14, 2005
You should definitely have enigma, use a mp one because it only requires 55 str and with a 20 stat anni or anni+barb torch, you dont need any str at all so i suggest making your barb purely vita. Dex is not needed because casters have low defense and with your skills maxed and angelic ammy+ 1 angelic ring you should have more than enough ar for any caster. I used ebotd zerker, mp enigma, umed arreats, umed ss, dracul's grasp. Other gear depends on whom you duel.

Ice - 1 raven frost, snowclash, treks.
Fire - 1 dwarf star, nokozan relic, hotspurs or infernostride boots
Light - tgods, 2 wisps

Only difference is when you're dueling a foher. I used a 4× Perf topaz monarch (160 light res ), which makes conviction useless, since -150 res is max for conviction and fohers dmg is light based.

As for charms, get a few 3/20/20's and as many 20 lifers as possible.
Skills - max Bo, mastery, ww, 1 point frw, 5 - 7 points natural resist, rest is up to you.

With a bit of practice you should be able to kill pretty much any caster with this gear. Good luck!