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Fun new variant...

OU Fiji

Nov 21, 2004
Dublin, Oh
Fun new variant...

Okay, I read about the Fireball Pally in the Paladin guides section, and I was thinking of trying a Fireball Barb just for something fun to do. So far, I've decided to use Trang's gloves and belt (for the level 18 Fireball, obviously) but I have a few questions... would duel-wielding Moonfalls give more than +11 synergy to the Fireball (from the Meteor charges), or would just having 1 of them do the trick? And if having 1 Moonfall would produce the same affect as having 2, would it be better to have a Hexfire or Wizardspike (or possibly even something better) in the other hand? I've decided I'll probably wear a Shako and Skin of the Vipermagi (I have one with perfect resists laying around somewhere). Also, would the Rising Sun ammy be good, or would I be better off just wearing Mara's? Boot and belt are also up in the air right now. Rings will be SoJs. Thanks in advance for any help.


Apr 27, 2005
I'm not sure magebarbs are possible anymore. I've heard the marrows bug/oversight/whatever has gone - I assume this applies for synergies from charges on items as well. Which would mean equipping some of the items you've mentioned would do... nothing... You could go for dual flamebellows or try a summon barb instead, but take my word for it jsut yet.

Epsilon Eyez

Feb 17, 2005
Cally Fahnia
I think someone already posted a guide on Fireball Barbs.

Anyway, they are probably too weak to use now, without the synergy bug, Moonfall and Level 5 Firebolt charge rings are obselete. Damage for Firewall is easier to heighten now, but I am left to assume that Fire Ball is too hard to use.

Still, you could get two six socketed weapons and fill them up with Fire Facets. That might help, but not as much as a Moonfall, in terms of availability and effect.

Also, if the bugs still worked, dual wielding Moonfalls would be useless, the second one's charges are not added to the other one, so it would be more useful to use a Hexfire or Wizardspike.