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Fire druid [PvP] V1.2 By FWI


Jun 28, 2004
Fire druid [PvP] V1.2 By FWI

*NOTE*: Do not post this guide anywhere, on any website, or on any other forum without the proper props to the real author. If you visit other diablo forums, or plan to put guides on a website of any sort and plan to use this guide, make it extremely easy to notice that (both) FWI and (aka/originally) WvX_Leader wrote this guide, and all chapters. Please insert author title and pre-warning that it is not your material both at the very beginning and very end of the guide. You have my permission to use this guide anywhere as long as you follow the previous instructions. Thanks.

Fire Druid [PvP] Guide v1.2


x. Abbreviations Dictionary
xx. Paladin Names
I. Introduction
Ia. Version History
II. Why a Fire Druid?
III. Formulas and Breakpoints
IIIa. Quick fcr Discussion
IV. Where We All Start
V. Skill Choices
VI. Stat Choices
VII. Equipment Choices
VIII. Leveling
IX. Strategies
IXa. Basic Strategies
IXb. Skill Timers and Basics
IXc. Approaching an Enemy Using Teleport
IXd. Specific Character Strategies
XI. Hot Keys
XIII. Magical Fissure!
XIV. Conclusion and Closing Notes

x. Abbreviations Dictionary:

AR = attack Rating
Avenger = a paladin whose main attack is vengeance
bm = bad mannered
CB = crushing blow
Crusader = a paladin whose main attack is charge
def = defense
dex = dexterity
dmg = damage
dr = damage reduction
ds = deadly strike
ed = enhanced damage
ene = energy
fbr = faster block rate
fhr = faster hit recovery
fcr = faster cast rate
FOH = fists of the heavens
fps = frames per second
frw = faster run/walk
ias = increased attack speed
icb = increased chance of blocking
itd = ignores target defense
liberator = a paladin whose attacks are blessed hammers, FoH, and charge
ll = life leech
ml = mana leech
ow = open wounds
PvM = player vs. monster
PvP = player vs. player
ranger = a paladin who uses a bow
str = strength
v/t = Vindicator/Templar [smite/foh]
vita = vitality
Zealot = a paladin whose main attack is Zeal
Templar = FOH paladin
clvl = character level

xx. Paladin Names:
(For those who don't know)
(Props to Professor [Brian] for the information here)

Avenger = Vengence + Conviction
Avenger, Fanatic = Vengence + Fanticism
Bezerk-a-din = Runeword Passion + Offensive Aura (or other)
C/T/R = Crusader + Templar + Ranger = Charge + Foh + Bow
C/V = Crusader + Vindicator = Charge + Smite
Champions = Lance/Polearm Charge + Vigor + Damage Aura
Cleric = Healing Paladin = holybolt + prayer +clensing +med
Cleric 2 = Zealots with Full Holybolt to heal party members.
Crusader = Pure Charge
Dragoon = Throwing paladin
Dragon = Paladin Using new Runewords for Holyfire Damage. + Conviction
Hammerdin = Pure Hammer
Judicator = Foh + Smite + Hammers
Knight = Zeal + Charge + Smite
Legionaire = Conversion + Zeal + Holybolt(makes minions, heals them)
Liberator = Charge + Hammer
Mage = Foh + Hammers
Martyr = sacrifce paladin
Missionary = Conversion paladin with Thorns usually.
Missionary 2 = Hammers + Healing
Ranger = Bow weilding paladins
Ranger, Frost = Bow weilding paladin that uses HF
Ranger, Tesla = Bow weilding paladin that uses HS
Ranger, Storm = Bow weidling paladin that uses HF + HS
Smealot = Smite + Zeal
Templar = Pure Foh
Tesla = Zealot using HS
T/V = Templar + Vindicator = Foh + Smite
Undead Hunter = Sanctuary paladin
V/T = Vindicator + Templar = Smite + Foh
Vanquisher = Smite + Hammer
Vigordin = Classic build with Charge + Vigor as main aura
Vindicator = Pure Smite
Zealot = Pure Zeal
Zealot, Elemental = Zealot with alot of Cold / Fire / Light Damage
Zealot, Frost = Zealot using HF
Zealot, Power = Zeal + Concentraion

I. Introduction

I've been dueling with a fire druid in both private and public dueling on USWest SC NL for about 13 months in 1.10. This build is demanding when it comes to budget, mainly because unless you have great items, you are going to have some problems killing much anything with how low blizzard made a druid's fire damage. For the most part, this build is a build for people who are sick and tired of being one of 5 other trappers, or another commonly seen character. This character is a hell load of fun to make, play, and most importantly duel with. And I know you are wondering... "Can a fire druid kill ANYTHING?" If you haven't been proven this already, let me tell you that it is definitely possible. I found my fire druid actually to kill almost every single character I duel... period. It just isn't easy to get there. If you are on my realm, maybe you have seen my fire druid, [currently] clvl 94 "FWI" floating around on dueling games. Don't be fooled by people who have attempted to copy me [I've seen a FVVI fire druid]. Well bear with me and read ahead if this character sounds right for you... If you are still unsure as to whether or not you feel compelled to make a fire druid, please read on to the "II. Why a Fire Druid?" Section before leaving this guide. All in all... I guarantee you won't regret spending the time to make one.

Ia. Version History

v1.0: 6.18.05: Original guide

v1.1: 6.25.05: Added: Version History, Why a Fire Druid, FCR Discussion, and the FWI section.

v1.2: 7.27.05: Many many edits. Points of views changed in multiple categories... Also edited a lot of strategies, FWI, the contents section, some errors etc. More reader friendly and better information.

II. Why a Fire Druid?

The first reason as to why I chose to sell to make a fire druid, was because I wanted to be fairly unique. I am positive you haven't seen a handful of fire druids going in out of games like you would a fire sorc or a lightning trapper. Often times, people have to sacrifice pretty much all pvp viability to be original. Luckily - with fire druids - you can still clear public pk games and control groups who are partied against you. Although a fire sorc can get more than 20K damage, I tend to kill every single fire sorc I face. Don't be fooled by numbers - a fire druid is a killing machine. Although expensive, if you plan right and spend a load of time learning how to pk with one - a fire druid is a great pker. Personally, I have been dueling with one for more than a year on and off and I am getting better and better dealing with skill timers and all the perks that come with dueling with fire druids. So if you want to wow both your enemies and your friends with under-estimated fire damage - go ahead and take a swing at a fire druid. Every single person who has made one by themselves, with my personal help, or simply following this guide - found fire druids to be one of - or their favorite character to duel with out of all other choices.

III. Formulas and Breakpoints

Max Block formula:

%to block=(%block on shield+bonus from skill)*(dex-15)/(clvl*2)

Faster Cast Rate:

18 Frames-0% 1.39 Casts/sec
17 Frames-4% 1.47 Casts/sec
16 Frames-10% 1.67 Casts/sec
15 Frames-19% 1.79 Casts/sec
14 Frames-30% 1.92 Casts/sec
13 Frames-46% 2.08 Casts/sec
12 Frames-68% 2.27 Casts/sec
11 Frames-99% 2.50 Casts/sec
10 Frames-163% 2.78 Casts/sec

Human Faster Hit Recovery vs. 2-Handed Weapons

13 Frames-0%
12 Frames-5%
11 Frames-10%
10 Frames-16%
09 Frames-26%
08 Frames-39%
07 Frames-56%
06 Frames-86%
05 Frames-152%
04 Frames-377%

Human Faster Hit Recovery vs. 1-Handed Weapons

13 Frames-3%
12 Frames-7%
11 Frames-13%
10 Frames-19%
09 Frames-29%
08 Frames-42%
07 Frames-63%
06 Frames-99%
05 Frames-174%
04 Frames-456%

Human Faster Block Rate

11 Frames-0%
10 Frames-6%
09 Frames-13%
08 Frames-20%
07 Frames-32%
06 Frames-52%
05 Frames-86%
04 Frames-174%
03 Frames-600%

IIIa. Quick fcr Discussion

In the Strategy Section [IX] - Under 'Skill Timers and Basics' - I discuss the long skill timers fire skills give you. Basically - this means that faster cast rate only speeds up the animation of fire skills, not the skill itself. Because of this - fcr is only needed for teleport. Because of that - you shouldn't worry too much about fcr. I have about 60% fcr with usual gear on - and I am usually. Unlike a fire sorc or a bone nec - casting fast is not an option with fire skills. Although you have to recognize it - don't go worrying about your fcr. I would reccomend the 12 frame 68% mark. When I throw on a wiz spike for the extra 10% fcr, it throws me another breakpoint higher. I notice a huge difference in how easy it is to duel from the fcr standpoint, and I even use it in some private duels for some fast amazons, fast sorceresses, and fast necromancers.

IV. Where We All Start

Strength: 15
Dexterity: 20
Vitality: 25
Energy: 20

Hit Points: 55
Stamina: 84
Mana: 20

Each Character Level

Life +1.5
Stamina +1
Mana +2

Attribute Point Effect

1 Vitality point gives 2 Life
1 Vitality point gives 1 Stamina
1 Energy point gives 2 Mana

V. Skill Choices

-Armageddon: One of three main attacks. Maxing this is a must
-Fissure: Another of three main attacks. Maxing this is also a must
-Volcano: Last of three main attacks. Maxing this is a must.
-Oak Sage: Base. Put one skill here, no more.
-Molten Boulder: Synergy – max this skill
-Firestorm: Last skill to max. You should be done with maxing this skill at clvl 95
-Prereqs: Notice the most annoying thing about Armageddon – the use of the entire tree to get there. You are going to need one point in all wind related skills to get to Armageddon.

The skills laid out for people who have problems reading:

20 Armageddon
20 Fissure
20 Volcano
20 Molten Boulder
x-20 Firestorm [maxed last, at clvl 95]
1 Oak Sage
1 Arctic Blast
1 Cyclone Armor
1 Twister
1 Tornado
1 Hurricane

If you go above clvl 95, You have a few choices as to where you want to go. First of all, you can put the rest into Oak Sage [up to 4 more at lvl 99]. Second, you can chose to put one into ravens [prereq] and then one into Wolves for more distractions. I am currently clvl 94 and so far I think I am going to go with all Oak Sage, although clvl 96 is at least 500 million away right now.

VI. Stat Choices

Strength: Just enough to use the item with most strength required. Make sure to factor all the +str you get from the items before it – to achieve maximum vitality. [Ex: Plan around a low str enigma]
Dexterity: It is your choice whether or not you should max blocking or not. You can use the formula given to get the 75% blocking rate, or you can keep this low and go for all life. For the record, I chose to go all life with the surprising number of casters over melee nowadays.
Vitality: Everything else. Everything
Energy: Absolutely Nothing.

VII. Equipment Choices:


Ravenlore Sky Spirit [103-155 defense]

+120-150% Enhanced Defense
+15-25 All Resist
+3 Elemental Skills
+20-30 Energy
-(10-20) Enemy Fire Resist
+7 Ravens

This is by far the ultimate helm for a fire druid. With +3 elemental skills, resist, and up to -20% enemy fire resists [the equivalent of 4 perfect facets (negative resist at least)] – this is a great helm.

Jalal’s Mane [184-297 defense]

+2 To Druid Skills
+2 To Shape-Shifting Skills
+150-200% Enhanced Defense
30% Faster Hit Recovery
+20% Bonus to Attack Rating
+20 to Strength
+20 to Energy
+5 Mana After Each Kill
+30% Resistance To All

Great secondary to a ravenlore. With the +2 skills you get, the fhr, the str, and the resist – this is also a good helm.

Harlequin Crest Shako [98-144 defense]

+2 to All Skills
+1.5 Life per clvl
+1.5 Mana per clvl
+50% Better chance of getting magical item
Physical Damage Taken Reduced by 10%
+2 to Strength
+2 to Dexterity
+2 to Vitality
+2 to Energy

No originality – but this is still a great helm. With the huge life/mana boosts, the attributes, and the +2 all skills – this is another great secondary.

Peasant Crown War Hat [92-108 defense]

+20 to Energy
+20 to Vitality
+1 to All Skills
15% Faster Run/Walk
+6-12 Replenish Life
+100% Enhanced Defense

This would be your cheap alternative. With 1 all skills, some frw, and some vita/ene – this is a nice and very cheap helm.


Enigma RUNEWORD [jah+ith+ber]

+2 all skills
+45% frw
+1 Teleport [this is not a charge - it acts as a skill for all classes]
+757 defense
+0.75 strength per clvl
+Increased maximum life by 5%
+Damage reduced by 8%
+14 life after each kill
+15% damage taken goes to mana [ does not effect life ]
+1% magic find per clvl

Definitely a huge #1 for the fire druid. With the amazingly long skill timers on your main attacks you will need to be very agile. A fast teleport is exactly what this character needs. With +2 skills, frw, TELE, defense, str, +max% life, and dr – this is an amazing armor.

Guardian Angel Templar Coat [707-825 defense]

+1 Paladin skills
+4 Light radius
+180%-200% enhanced defense
+30% Faster Blocking
+15% Maximum resists to all
+5 attack rating against demons per clvl
+20% chance to block

The GA [most common abbreviation for the guardian angel] is mostly used for the +15% max resists - giving you a possibility of 90 resists to all. With good + max resists, this is the next best from an enigma.

Chains of Honor RUNEWORD [dol+um+ber+ist]

+2 all skills
+200% damage to demons
+100% damage to undead
+8% life stolen per hit
+70% enhanced defense
+20 strength
Replenish life +7
+65 all resists
Damage reduced by 8%
25% magic find

With two skills this is a nice armor. This is an alternative from the enigma armor, if you really need that 65 resists. Very good mods, and same worth as enigma on most realms. I still recommend enigma. This is what I would use if you are in a dueling league that does not allow enigma/tele.

Orumus' Robes Dusk Shroud [361-467 defense]

+10-20 defense
+20% faster cast rate
+(10-15)% to Fire skill damage
+(10-15)% to Cold skill damage
+(10-15)% to Lightning skill damage
+3 Random sorc skill

This armour is another alternative since the possibility of +15% more fire damage is available. Some people prefer it - I don’t.

Cheaper alternatives:

ANYTHING with plus skills will do if you have a very small budget. Ill give a list of some armors that add skills that are cheap.

-Vipermagi [+1]
-Spirit shroud [+1 - very easy to find in mf]
-Skullders [has good mf too]
-Que-Heagans [not a bad armour +1]
-Silks of the Victor [+1]


Heart of the Oak RUNEWORD [ko+vex+pul+thul]

+3 all skills
+40% faster cast rate
+75% Damage to demons
+100 attack rating against demons
+3-14 cold damage
+7% mana stolen per hit
+1 blizzard [sorc only]
+10 dexterity
+replenish life +20
+Increased maximum mana +15%
+all resists +30-40% [varies]
Level 4 Oak Sage [25 charges]
Level 14 raven [60 charges]
+50% damage to undead

This is the best choice for a fire druid. With +3 skills, 40% fcr, dex, and resist – this is my personal favorite for the fire druid.


Jun 28, 2004
Wizard Spike Bone Knife

+2 mana per clvl
+15% mana regeneration
+15% max mana
+75% all resists
+50% faster cast rate

Wiz spike is a great way to get max resist, but doesn’t give you the versatility that HOTO gives you.

NOTE: A wizard spike is Very easy to get so its either that or HOTO - no more options explained.


Head Hunter’s Glory

+(320-420) Defense
+(300-350) Defense vs. Missiles
Poison Resist +(30-40)%
Socketed ((1-3))
Fire Resist +(20-30)%
+(5-7) Life After Each Kill

This my favorite item on my character. I got myself one of these with three sockets, and put three um runes in there. If you don’t have the funds for um runes, Perfect Diamonds are only sacrificing +3 (x3) = 9 resist. I love this shield for fire druids, because it’s very hard to get great resist out of a character. My HHG has a resist of 66,66,96,106 - which helps me achieve my high stacked resist.

Lidless Wall [271-347 defense]

+80-130% Enhanced Defense (varies)
+1 To All Skills
Increase Maximum Mana 10%
20% Faster Cast Rate
+3-5 To Mana After Each Kill (varies)
+10 To Energy
+1 To Light Radius

This makes a nice secondary for the HHG. One huge problem you will get using this will be resist, but it has nice +1 skills and fcr.

Storm Shield [94-144 defense]

+3.75 defense per clvl
Physical damage reduced by 35%
+30 strength
+35% faster blocking
+25% lightning resist
+25% chance to block
+60% cold resist
Attacker takes 10 lightning damage

Always was, and still is a great shield. Although it has a high str req, this shield gives you nice resist as well as the loved 35% dr.


Verdungo's Hearty Cord [108-153 defense]

+(90-140)% enhanced defense
+(30-40) vitality
+(100-120) maximum stamina
10% faster hit recovery
Damage reduced by (10-15)%
Replenish life +(10-13)

This, after much testing, ended up being my belt I use 99% of the time. With the huge life boost, the fhr and the dr – this helps even out your character who will likely have terrible blocking.

Arachnid Mesh [106-138 defense]

+(90-120)% enhanced defense
+20% faster cast rate
Level 13 venom (11 charges)
+1 all skills
Slows target by 10%
+5% maximum mana

This is a great other alternative. This was the other belt that I tested. Although I found the life/dr/fhr more effective from the verdungos, this belt gives you the unmistakable +1 skills and 20 fcr.

Thundergod's Vigor [109-159 defense]

5% chance of casting a lvl 7 FOH on struck
+1-50 lightning damage [melee only]
+10% maximum lightning resist
Absorbs +20 lightning damage
+160-200% enhanced defense
+20 vitality
+20 strength
+3 Lightning strike [amazon only]
+3 Lightning fury [amazon only]

This is a cheaper alternative and gives you the likable vita/str, +10% max light, and the light absorb.


Magefists [24-25 defense]

+20% Faster Cast Rate
Regenerate Mana 25%
+1 to All Fire Skills (All Chars)
Adds 1-6 Fire Damage
+10 Defense
+20-30% Enhanced Defense

This is a very cheap set of gloves that are perfect for the fire druid. With +1 fire skills and fcr, this is perfect for you. Yes… the +1 fire skills will help your fire skills [geddon/fissure/volc]. No… it wont help synergies.


Waterwalk [94-123 defense]

+100 defense to missles
+20% faster run/walk
+15 dexterity
+180-210% enhanced defense
+45-65 life
+40 stamina
+5% maximum fire resist
+50% stamina regeneration

These are my favorite boots for the fire druid. If you want to go for rares or duped rares, more power to you.

Silkweave [94-115 defense]

+150-190% enhanced defense
+5 mana after each kill
+200 defense vs. missles
+10% maximum mana
+30% faster run/walk

Descent boots if you need the mana… for some odd reason. They’re a cheap alternative.


Bul Kathos Wedding Band

+0.5 life per clvl
+1 all skills
+3-5% life stolen per hit
+50 stamina

I use one of these on my fire druid. With the +1 skills and the life you get, this is much better than an soj – because you wont need the mana. For the record, the other ring I use is a legit rare I found with great resist. If you want to use rares with fcr/resist, more power to you.

The Stone of Jordan

+20 mana
+25% maximum mana
+1-12 lightning damage
+1 all skills

Pointless option here because if you can afford an soj, you can afford a bk. The life you get from bk is better than the mana you get here.

Cheaper alternatives: The best thing I can think of here is just any rings with fcr or resist.


Mara's Kaleidoscope

+2 all skills
+20-30% resists all
+5 all attributes

This is definitely the best option here… nowadays they are very expensive but if you can get one – its definitely worth it.

Cheaper alternatives: Any amulet with +druid skills on it is fine. Also look for fcr and resist.


To be effective in PvP, you’re going to have to find a way to get elemental skill gcs. It makes a HUGE difference in your damage. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t a reason to not make a fire druid if you cant get them, but you will notice a huge difference if you get them. Obviously, the best you could get would be elemental gcs with either fhr or life as a second mod. You’re also going to want to get an annihilus. For the other 9 slots, get life/resist scs. If you can’t afford two mods on one charm, get max resists then get some life scs [max solo resist mod on a sc is 11 and max life on a sc is 20].

VIII. Leveling Tips:

This is considering you have a friend help you through the game for faster results. [rushed]

1-12: Run through act one with a group of low lvls
12-20: Andarial runs / Countess Runs
20: Ancients Quest
20-25: Cows
25-40: Normal Baal
40-60: Nightmare Baal
60-8x+: Hell Baal

IX. Strategies

IXa: Basic Strategies:

Before you begin your duel, you are going to need to cast some pre-casts to get you ready. If you have a Call to Arms weapon [which gives you Battle Command and Battle Orders which raise your life/skill], this is the time to cast those. You are also going to cast oak sage and ravens [if you use ravenlore]. This is also a time to cast your base Cyclone Armor. Although this is a very low level, the absorb damage will help slightly, and Will help you win a close elemental duel. Finally, this is the time to cast your Armageddon. With the proper skill levels and synergies, this skill should run 50 seconds long without you needing to recast. If you are having trouble doing about 7 seconds worth of precasts before you are ready in a duel – because there are idiots in your game who don’t give enough respect for you to get ready, go farther out and use the map to your advantage. 90 degree angles in the walls give you a perfect block from all ranged attacks.

IXb: Skill Timers and Basics:

Skill Timers are definitely the most annoying thing about a fire druid. By far a fire druid is one of or the hardest character to learn how to duel with. Period. Armageddon has a six second timer [meaning you have to wait six full seconds before you can cast your other two offensive skills]. Volcano has a four second timer, and fissure has a two second timer. Because of this – you are going to have to be very precise on where you aim your volcano. Fissure on the other hand is your favorite when it comes to how fast you can cast it. Although it has the lowest timer out of your three main skills, you will notice it takes a split second to start up the vents. Because of this, if there is a very fast paced duel and you need to land a direct hit – casting a volcano and then pulling away while it stuns is your option. Fissure is a great skill to cast on top of yourself for characters [such as name-lock happy hammerdins or wind druids]. If you have fissure(s) going on top of yourself while you are stationary and a character teles on top of you, simply walk away a small bit while fissure pelts them and Armageddon takes a few hits of its own on the way out.

IXc: Approaching an Enemy Using Teleport:

The zig-zag tele:

A zig-zag tele is something I do all the time when I approach a character that needs to aim. This applies to all teleing characters as well – not just fire druids. A perfect example would be a spear nec or a fireball sorc. If you tele towards them in random zigzags they usually freak out and don’t land a hit on you.

The semi-circle tele:

This is basically teleing out too far and making basically half a circle. I use this on some ranged chars. Its another form of teleing towards a char that isn’t teleing around very quickly. Many times with this technique you catch chars off guard. It makes an almost defensive offensive attack – which is pretty much an oxymoron – but makes sense in a way.

IXd: Specific Character Strategies:


Bowazons: Often times these little rats have a good load of ias and tend to do descent damage on you. Because of that – you have to be swift. Guided Arrows don’t miss [for the most part] so you have to get a hit in there fast. Often times you will see me doing the semi-circle tele [because they are usually stationary and firing arrows]. I will semi-circle tele and volcano them from the behind. Not only does volcano stun on its own, their dodge/evade and all that fun stuff will make them lock up like hell. Often times one volcano will do the trick. You will find few amazons who have the fhr to get out of your volcano, but if you do – try fissure, because it hits them many times when they run out. If you find a pack of partied bowazons – get in there and plant a fissure in the middle. This is a wide attack and is quite hilarious when you can take out 5 close-together bowazons with one click.

Javazons: Most melee amazons nowadays are lightning. Not that this matters. Armageddon and fissure are your friends with these amazons. Because they have to be right in front of you to hit you, they are already running the risk of being pelted by up to about 17-18K of Armageddon. In the mean time you can be casting fissures both on top of yourself and in between you and the melee amazon. When they chose to run after you, they will be forced to run through multiple fissures and get hit many many times – and if they even get through that – they have to not be hit by Armageddon. If they tele, play defensively and let them come to you. Cast fissures on yourself and the second you see them tele, walk away and let fissure/Armageddon do the work. If they chose to throw something at you from afar because of your fissure's, simply cast a volcano on them. The versatility of your fire druid has no limits.


Trappers: Much like dueling all character types, this character will take some time getting used to. Especially for a fire druid. Often times you will be forced to rely on instincts. Don’t get stuck in mind blasts, and use all three of your attacks to your advantage. Often time you will see me playing unusually offensively and teleing on the assassin – and using fissure, while armagedden hits her once in a while. If you find the assassin overwhelmed and playing defensively, play defensively yourself and use more volcanoes to stun them. You can also plant random fissures here and there where you think they will run. Some random fissure is the last thing a character thinks when he is under pressure.

All other melee assassins: Kickers and Whirlwinders alike, you will find yourself using the same skills and strats. You will need to be very defensive and let them come to you. Cast fissures on yourself and make sure geddon is still going with plenty of time on the timer. The second you see their tele animation kick in, walk away and let them be hit by fissure and geddon. Fissure stuns and does nice damage while if geddon hits they are going to have some problems. If they are standing away from you baffled as to when to attack because they see the fire they will have to hit, simply throw a volcano on them. Because they are not moving, it will stun them nicely... also often kill them.


Whirlwind: Often times you will find barbarians to hate you when you duel them. If you duel them right, you can kill them without being touched, and doing little work. Once again, you have to master the art of casting fissures on yourself and letting them come to you. The second you see the tele, walk or tele away. Get used to each ww and figure out which way to walk or tele. If you play this right, Armageddon and fissure will hurt a lot on their part. Notice how many times fissure hits a barbarian that whirlwinds through one. Unless they have a lot of fire resist and/or some absorb, they are going to take a lot of hard hits.

Conc, Frenzy, Beserk, etc Barbarians: Treat these the same was as the javazon.


Fire druids: Wow are these duels interesting. There is so much going on, it is extremely hard to know who’s what is who’s. You will see fissures and volcanos and Armageddon rocks everywhere but you wont know if it is yours or if it is his. To the one fire druid who actually put up a fight to me, FVVI [someone who attempted to be…me.] – often times if I lost [if ever], it would be a close match and a loss because I would walk through a fissure that looked like mine. These duels are very fun, take very long, and are very defensive. Have fun finding other fire druids. If you get to that point, it's awesome. Who knows maybe you’ll inspire a few.

Wind druids: To me, the best kill is killing a good wind druid. If your build is strong enough, and you spend a lot of time getting used to how to kill them – yes… a fire druid can kill a great wind druid. Most of the time you will find that casting fissures on yourself and walking upon tele is the best option. Most of the time a wind druid will simply tele on you and spam tornadoes. The second he tele’s, run away just a small amount of space. The trick is to let fissure kill the cyclone armour while letting Armageddon take the kill. If you have a friend with a wind druid, talk some **** so you can get a lot of practice on him – making you ready for the rest of them. The cool thing about these duels, is you can win without being hit at all... the impact of all the armageddon with the fissure eating the cyclone armor can kill the wind druid almost instantaneously.

Melee druids: Because most melee druids tend to run very fast, locking a volcano on them tends to be very hard. Fissure and Armageddon are your friends. Treat them like you would any other non ww’ing or charging melee character. Use fissure to your advantage – casting it both upon yourself and in between you and your opponent. If they stand motionless, cast a fissure on them. They will [by default] attempt to walk out. This will cause them to be hit a great number of time by fissure and in turn be stunned.


Bonemancers: Up to this point, I haven’t said all too much about volcano [at least in the individual builds strat section]. Volcano will be your favorite with bone necromancers. Often times they tend to have terrible fhr, which helps volcano lock them up even more. If you get a good hit, it will keep them motionless until the last hit of volcano. About 75% of the time, one volcano will do the trick. Play from a distance and if they are tele happy, do the same. Often times bonemancers are simple minded and are easy to find a pattern in how they cast offensively. In this case, you will find it easy to dodge spears, teeth, and spirits. Be careful with spirits, because they tend to add up and form a large clump that follow you. If you stop at a bad time, you will get a lot of magic damage that will definitely take a large chunk of life, or kill you. Use the map again to your advantage and let solid objects get in the way of you and the spirit.

Poison: You will see few poison necromancers when you duel. If you do see one, use volcano if they simply stand and cast. If they have a bonemancers mentality [if they tele very randomly and rapidly] – treat them the same as a bonemancer. If you have any items with pdr or plr, use them.


Templars [FOH]: Unless you get a lot of lightning resist, these will be an annoyance to you. For me, my 3 ort helm with 39 life is my friend. Nothing beats one item that gives you 90 lightning resist. Because you will need to be so defensive with them, you will want to lock some volcanos and get them to walk through some strategically placed fissures. Also, use the "minion stack bug" to your advantage. For those who don't know, the minion stack bug --- for example : in relation with the templar --- will cause the templar's FOH to hit your family of minions before it hits you, when you are teleporting. If you do this right, you can not be hit by a templar [recast oak sage, tele, repeat].

Melee paladins [zealots, crusaders, vindicators, etc]: Fissure and Armageddon are your friend once again. Cast fissures in between you and your opponent and upon yourself. Fissure by far is best used [of all characters] with a crusader [charger]. Because fissure stuns and hits more often the faster someone goes through it on foot – a charger going through fissures are asking for trouble. All you need to do for melee paladins is place strategic fissures and let them and Armageddon do the work.

Hammerdins: There are two types of hammerdins… ones who name-lock tele and spam, and ones who walk and spam to create large areas of hammers. For name-lock spammers, use the fissure yourself/run technique already explained. You can also cast volcanos on top of yourself. If they land on you clean they will obtain the full stun effect of the volcano. If you find a hammerdin spamming randomly, use volcano and sometimes fissure. Often times volcano will stun him long enough to either kill him or make him go run to akara.


Jun 28, 2004

Fire: These duels are almost a carbon copy of dueling a necromancer who uses bone spear. The zig-zag tele approach is the way to go here. Often times fire sorcs are so freaking stupid – that they will cast a straight line of fire balls. In this case, go ahead and semi circle tele/volcano them. If they aim to you – use a more strategic zig-zag tele. Tele in between fire balls until you get to the sorc and then land a solid volcano hit. Often times sorceresses have terrible fhr and one volcano with its combination of physical and fire damage will do the trick.

Lightning: Definitely use zig-zag tele here. Dodge the streams of electricity and land a volcano. The cool thing about lightning is they will be completely stationary and look constipated. This gives you plenty of time to land a good volcano hit to stun them if they have bad fhr.

Cold: Gotta love cold mastery. Anyways… Most of the time you will find blizzard sorcs. You really have to be on top of your game with these sorceresses. Tele a lot and quickly, and land volcanos on them like they are trying to land blizzards on you. You can also plant some fissures here and there where they are about to tele or walk. The key here is not being hit. At all… Be very defensive and you’ll be fine.


Q: LMAO a fire druid

A: Shut up

Q: Can a fire druid actually kill anything in pk?

A: Absolutely… if you know how to duel with one.

Q: Do fire facets work with the druids fire skills?

A: Yes

Q: I hate templars… how much lightning resist do I need to negate them all together?

A: 100 [-100 base in hell difficulty] + 75 [max without +% max] + 150 [conviction] = 325 needed lightning resist.

Q: Why not molten boulder?

A: You try it on your own. A slug could do donuts around those things they are so slow.

Q: Why not firestorm?

A: It simply doesn’t cast fast enough once you tele on someone. In today’s fast paced duels, you will find yourself with a skill that is too slow and shoots three 2 inch snakes at someone who just teled across the whole screen.

Q: Why not any pets besides the ravens you get from a ravenlore?

A: Once again, you need all the synergies you can get. Yes, pets are a good way to deter enemy attacks from you – but if it means Your attacks wont do anything, you’re gonna have a problem. Check the skills section for whether or not you want pets after clvl 95.

XI. Hot Keys

It is completely up to you how you decide to set up your hot keys for dueling, but I figured I would give you my preference and you can pick and chose what you like.

F1: Teleport
F2: Volcano
F3: Armageddon
F4: Fissure
F5: Oak Sage
F6: Cyclone Armor
F7: Battle Command
F8: Battle Orders


*Note: Numbers mean nothing. If I had 7000 life I could still be slayed easily if I didn't know what I was doing. This is just to compare if you make... not to be the deciding factor as to if you decide to make a Fire Druid. If you don't like the numbers and you are on USWest SC NL - let me show you the results.

With all-round gear on, here are a few stats:

37XX life
517 Vita
80,75,75,75 Resist with huge stack
16K Armageddon
4.45K Fissure
3.5K Volcano

For equipment: I basically tell you what I use in the equipment section. Usually the first choice is what I use.

For charms: I use 10 Elemental Gcs, 9 life/resist scs, and an Anni.

XIII. Magical Fissure!

Fissure, like many 1.10 skills, has a bug of its own. Unlike the well known bugs of say, charge of a paladin – this odd bug can be and should be used to your advantage. First of all, if you cast fissure right outside of town, it will disappear for enemies yet still be active. Although I seriously don’t think you should Town Guard… pretty much ever – it’s a good thing to know. If you do cast the fissure outside of town, and a character runs out – there are in for a surprise. Yes it works kind of like hammers do when they disappear. Hand in hand with that aspect, often times vents are active for a short second(s) after the animation [this goes for anywhere outside of town]. Although it mostly can not be planned, this can get you a few cheap hits on a character that saw a fissure leave the screen. Test it, and have fun integrating it into your duels.

XIV. Conclusion and Closing Notes:

Although I know this is not going to be the last draft, it is very worthy to follow. Until I get to clvl 99 [which will be a bit] - this guide will have a few changes here and there for a while. Also, as I duel, I realize things. As I realize things, I add them here. Feel completely free to let me know what I can change about my guide. If you have made a fire druid before and want to suggest something, let me know here or in a PM. If you want to make a fire druid and have questions that go outside the content of this guide, ask me it here or via PM, and who knows - I may add it to the FAQ. Have fun with your fire druid.


FWI :strong:



Jun 25, 2003
Around my PC, actually.
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As a fan of fire druids, I keep hijacking this threads, now regarding dueling tactics.

I have never killed a decent trapper with volcano. You have to get close to them in order to namelock, because she is gonna play defensive. Problem is traps have large range, you will get hit by them before you see the assasin. For me fissure works much better, using the same tactic than they do. This is casting fissure right at the end of my screen and walking back on my feet, the trapper tends to advance over you (always casting traps in the middle) if you keep the distance. Sometimes I make an small incursion near the traps field and cast fissure on the area where the trapper is, and retry. Most of times doing like this fissure is invisible for them, and as they get closer to you to plant more traps, they get hits. As I see I never even bother trying to namelock trappers coze it takes time, and she will MB you before you do the job.

Some people says they jump in the middle of the trap field, dodging traps with tele, casting volcanos/fissures right on them while trying to make armageddon hit. I honestly cant belive this can work on a decent trapper (at least it never did for me :p ).

-WW sins.
My pain. I simply cant beat this build. With my low def, they being able to block 60% of spells, are really hard to beat. I find only fully negating venom give us a real chance here. But I agree on the way to duel them.

-Sorcs. All of them.
I assume any decent sorc will have ES fully synergised. Volcano and fisure makes low damge per second, their ES protecs them well since is not gonna to run out easily with all the mana regen when using volc/fissure. Besides they will tele away as they see the first volcano poping up. So at the end they lose very little life in any attack. As they tele all time, hitting with geddon is gonna be very had, even if they stand a shoot, they can spam very fast and prolly they catch you up before any armageddon hits. Teleporting away of their atacks and draining their life volcano after volcano is the only way to kill them (for me, by now). But it takes time and they are faster. Dont get me wrong, but thinking a volcano is gonna stun a sorc is too big assumption. Im not interested in dueling sorcs with no blocking and 1.5k life, if you know what I mean.

As you can notice I always have in mind the fact the opponent will be as smart as me and his build/gear will be decent; I think in a guide all this has to be clear to give usefull advices. I just noticed the tactic section, being fine explaining how to drive the druid in most situations, assume the enemy will be...kinda weak, and this wont happen in most of cases.

And sorry for my english.



Jun 25, 2003
Around my PC, actually.
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more comments, gear-wise this time:

-Shield: Cant see any reason to use hunters glory. Here I post my options.

Vs melee or physical damage dealers: Stormshield, a must.

Vs magical damage casters: Phoenix or 4 faceted monarch (the -%fire resits is the only usefull mod you can get from shield vs this chars). Phoenix also gives +50 life, after BO and Oak is yummy...

Vs sorcs: FireSorcs: Phoenix. -%fire resits, +5% to max fire resits and 1xx direct fire absorb, what else you need? Have in mind fire mastery doesnt reduce resists, so you dont need to stack a lot vs this ladies, just to counter some facets may be. This shield combined with another 5%max fire resits from WW, will reduce damage taken a lot while giveing many other usefull mods.
Cold/Ligtning sorcs: Stacking resits is the best mod you can get from shield. Get a 4 zaphire/Topaz monarch on stash to face them, this is 160% resits stack, you almost negate mastery with this shield. Cant be compared to Hunters glory in any way.

-Boots:WW are good, but ive noticed your build lacks of fhr. This is very important to duel, specially vs any caster or smiter, one hit puts you in rec animation and you are just gone, many more shoots will follow the first one before you can take the control of your druid. 64% is the mark needed. By this, my boots of choice are most of times either sand treks or Shadow Dancers. The last ones helps a lot with dex, I use them when max blocking is needed also.

-Gloves: Regarding the fhr issue. Vs winddruids (eh, we all love defeating our brothers...). 95% of times they kill me is catching me up on a tele (you cant be faster then tham teleporting or guessing the next movement all time), they place& cast from my side before I can move away, putting me into recover animation, game is over if I dont get myself out of there fast. To avoid this, 99% fhr is really needed , so bloodfists deserves a place on the gear section, 30% fhr is a lot. Also 40 life.