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fast leveling guides please....


Jan 27, 2004
fast leveling guides please....

hey all i just read the speed leveling guides and wanted to save them but when i got around to it the board had had a mild heart attack and u know the rest

has anyone got the originals saved anywere as i would like to get them.

thanks alot

I have 2 saved. I cant remember what site I stole this first one off of:
Leveling Guide
This is a rough outline of how fast you should be going through the levels in Normal difficulty mode according to the experience table. The level indicated is your character's level. Nightmare and Hell difficulties aren't balanced properly with regards to mlvls vs. clvls, so they are left out.
Level 24-26: You should have beaten Act III somewhere between these levels. From here you should do Outer Steppe and Plains of Despair runs.
Level 27: Start on the City of the Damned. Some bits of River of Flame as well.
Level 28-29: River of Flame. Mind you, the Urdars there are mlvl 32, but whatever.
Level 30: The Chaos Sanctuary. All the monsters there are mlvl 30. Except for Diablo, but no one is really expected to keep leveling till they hit 40, then go kill him.

And this last one is from Kaz's Flaming Rabies Druid guide:
At lvl:
1-10: Start killing monsters in Den. Its best to join a game where theres 8 players and ppl actually killing and not kids spamming "RUSH RUSH RUSH PLS". You will hit lvl 10 quite fast. If its possible, you can even start leeching in Catacombs with a friend doing the killing. Gear: Death's Gloves and Death's Sash. (cbf, resists, ias)
10-15: Sewer runs, trust me on this. You get leveled very nicely. Gear: Angel Ammy + 2 Angel Rings (lots of ar, replenish life), Hsarus Belt and Boots is nice too.
15-21: Arcane runs, by now you may or may not be killing, feral rage is pretty great, but maybe mana will be annoying you. Just use a normal attack. If you have a lot of those large strength charms (+5), you may be able to equip Sigon Set without even putting any stat points yet. I ask not to put any stat points because some ppl are never sure how much they need, and perhaps accidentally put way too much. This is also useful if you are planning to use annihilus and enigma breast plate combo. You may dump your points in vitality and some in dex if you really have the urge to put stats.
21-24: Trav runs, kill or leech, whatever. These runs go quite fast, you got to stay with them. Getting to 24 won't take too long.
25-40: Now its time to do ancients and get to lvl 25. With ancients done, you may start leeching in norm baal runs! Goodie! They go quite fast, sometimes its because high lvlers are there trying to level their merc or helping a friend. Hey, you can always ask a friend to help out too. (cough sim, cough). Make sure you dont get the quest BEFORE you hit 40.
40-60: Now you should be in nightmare, get rushed and start leeching in nm baal runs, make sure you dont get the quest BEFORE you hit 60.
60-**: Now you should in hell, get rushed and start leeching in hell baal runs until you hit 70. Now you are able to use annihilus (assuming you have one), this is where annihilus kicks in, with that, you will be able to equip the enigma breast plate, everything else will fall into place. You might need to put a few pts to equip stormshield and some more pts to equip the giant thresher. But by lvl 70, you should be able to equip everything, even if you don't have an enigma or annihilus. Now you can leech some more and hit whatever level you want and start dueling! HF!


Nov 10, 2003
There is also the Leveling Guide archived in the strategy compendium. It gives the percent of actual xp you gain in each area of the game, and the penalty that comes with higher levels.


Nov 15, 2003
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Levels 1-10 spend at act1 8 player games, buy some javelins at store for good dmg and fast killing at first. Then move on to Act2 Sewers with some better equipment. At level 15 go to Arcane Sanctuary. If you are a melee char with Sigon's set, you can kill there alone in 8 player games and gain at least 5 levels in one arcane. At lvl20 run travincal. At lvl24 you should enter Ancients to reach lvl25. Lvl25 go to normal baalruns until about lvl50. Continue in NM baalruns until 70-75. Continue in Hell baalruns....

This presumes that you will get normal, nm and hell boosted to act5 by your teleporting friend.