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Expansion vs. Classic??


Nov 1, 2003
Woodbridge, VA
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Expansion vs. Classic??

Now that our brains and playstyles have been innundated by the expansion and all its content for a couple years now, I wanted to revisit Classic. This is Classic version 1.11 on USEast, probably not ladder. I was wondering what the differences were between the Expansion and Classic. I used to know, but have been playing the expansion for so long that I have forgotten.

A few (more obvious) differences that I am aware of are; these things are in the expansion but not in classic:

- 2 character classes, Druid and Assassin.
- Runes and Runewords
- Charms
- Act V and it's quests/monsters/bosses.
- Elite weapons and armors
- Big stash
- Weapon switch

What other things should I be aware of? Are rares still godly? (One thing I remember from 1.06 ;) ) Thank you, in advance, for any and all information.


Jul 3, 2004
you forgot about teh 800x600 resolution. Also, there are no jewels in classic as well. Rares are good. Some of the lower uniques are also useful such as blinkbats and twichthroe and shard. But good rares are always worth more than uniques on classic.


Aug 13, 2005
Toronto Canada
less noobs with uber godly items....well at least when i played 2 years ago...a sorc is a sorc and a paladin is a paladian, no pallys with bo or with teleport. i think its funner because everyone is playing @ their skill level and have items accordingly. No noobs with godlies.....well i dont know about SC i used to play HC on classic
May 4, 2005
Mercs are the biggest difference. Can't take them to different acts, can't equip them. No runes either. Harder to lvl too. Also there are a lot less games to join. Many more people play exspansion, so fewer games. This gets bad around Hell difficulty and you wanna lvl up by CSing. Sometimes you gotta wait days. Last time I played, there were two games being played in Hell difficulty. Still, I like it. You gotta be good to raise a character in classic.