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drop rate for key, ladder vs Non-ladder


Oct 11, 2004
drop rate for key, ladder vs Non-ladder

For the drop rate of keys in ladder and NL, is there any different?

Back in few days ago, i was still in ladder season 2, i get keys quite often. I think 1 key in 3 games. Today, i am now in NL, after 30 games, I get 1 only! Is the drop rate for key DECREASE MUCH in non ladder game?
Nov 18, 2004
I do not believe that ladder status has any effect on key dropping. in a 1 player game, the chance of getting at least one key from countess is about 7%. For Nihlathak it's about 8.6%. Your 1 in 30 is not outside the normal range of probability. If you're just running the countess, about 10% of the time you will not even receive 1 key in 30 runs. Also, The 1/36 number is complete bull.

RTB said:
Countess: 1 in 68, and that up to 5 times. In theory she can drop 5 Keys.
Nihlathak: 1 in 61, 5 picks again.
Summoner: 1 in 56, 5 picks again.

MF has no influence, playercount does.