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Does Static cause Frenzy lock?

Sep 28, 2004
Does Static cause Frenzy lock?

I am starting my first Barb on this new ladder and am following Ash's guide to a Frenzy barb. I am hoping to get a Crescent Moon as one of my weapons soon but I have heard that some items that have % to cast on them cause Frenzy lock when the spell goes off because of the casting delay. I just wanted to know if static is one of these spells before I bust my *** trying to get a Um rune for it.

While we're on the subject do all spells cause Frenzy lock or is it certain ones?
Jul 29, 2003
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look up the skills on arreat summit to see if it will affect you. any skill with a casting delay, such as firestorm on phoenix, will mess up frenzy. anything that doesnt have a delay, such are curses, is fine.

firestorm on the torch does not cause a delay and is cool looking to boot. it also does decent damage.

frozen orb is a skill on a lot of weapons which will cause problems, so avoid it.