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Diablo 3..... rumors?


Aug 1, 2005
Tha Luv Boat
Diablo 3..... rumors?

This is a quote from a musician out of an article I dug up...it might be old news though...

“I am musician in Czech Republic. I play not with one orchestra but with many depending on work. I have recently been to Bratislava in Slovak Republic for recording sessions with local Radio Symphony Orchestra, where we just recorded music for Diablo 3.â€

The information might contain some truth, because the same orchestra recorded the music for the add-on of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

Now here's a link to some info from a Korean gaming site. Unfortunately, if any of this is even true, there are some delays on Diablo 3 design....cool cover tho....


Looks like something is coming, but we just don't know when...
Kinda cheers me up a little seeing as I won't be plain D for 30 days unless i want to shell out $20 for a cd.


Jul 3, 2004
even if its news.... its not likely to be true

music can easily be uploaded at the last minute, its not a very important issue in a game (except for maybe games like DDR) :D

Hnoo B

May 10, 2005
allensong said:
even if its news.... its not likely to be true

music can easily be uploaded at the last minute, its not a very important issue in a game (except for maybe games like DDR) :D

I read that musician post a long time ago and:
1) I find it likely to be true. When people make stuff up they pretend to know A LOT. This guy was commenting on which composer he thinks influenced the music the most. He certainly sounds like a musician to me.
2) Music is generally recorded at a late "middle" stage in the game. Games like Diablo spend a *ton* of time in play testing stages in order to work out issues of game balance. One people beyond the immediate development team are working on it, they generally want something that appears more like a real game--i.e., they want the music.
3) At a certain point the development team needs to show the bean counters something that looks done, and music helps a lot, because it is essentially something external. It's like making a really nice cover sheet for a half-written essay.
4) If they are close to releasing, for example, Starcraft: Ghost, and want to include on the disk a preview movie for D3 (or maybe unveil the first teaser in the BlizzCon, which I think is probably very likely--otherwise why generate all the buzz right now in the Diablo community with the 1.11 patch), they need the music. The game might not be all done programming, and might have 18 months of alpha and beta testing left before it's ready for release, but having the music allows them to put up a little teaser trailer.


Jul 18, 2005
East Coast, USA
The other news about D3 is that BlizzNorth was scrapped along with any plans for D3 because it wasn't up to Blizzard's standards. It's somewhere on the front page of purediablo.com