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CL Hydra Sorc

Master Zap

Dec 30, 2005
Op xBananax
Re: CL Hydra Sorc

Good guide

Hydra and chain lightning isnt that great of a combo since both need a pretty heavy investment in it's syngeries to get respectable damage. Hydra alone has itself, 40 points in syngery (fireball/bolt) and 20 in mastery. Thats 80 points right there leaving about 20 skill points to invest in another skill and prereq's.

Frozen orb is going to be your best bet for a 2nd skill. Nova or thunderstorm is basically the only other feasible option in my mind.

if you have +7 all skills , max hydra stuff you'll end up with hydra damage at

level 27 hydra 1365-1578 damage. This skill is a little misleading in it's damage (appears really low). This skill has several hydra's in play, each with 3 heads auto targeting monsters.

at 110 skill points you could max Orb and put 1 in static, pre-req's and then 3 points in cold mastry.

orb damage will be about 400 per shard.

Throwing 20 in Nova, 3 in light mastery you get a nova that does: 495- 678

Hydra is a safe play as it lets you move while attacks are still going on. It scouts and the damage is fairly respectable ONLY if you make the investment in it. It doesnt need fcr. Orb isnt fcr based either so going FO free up some of the requirements you'd need from your gear. If you go Nova, you'll want 105 fcr.

incedently , you also get about 4K fireball damage on the hydra build.

If you pack on 20+ skill points by having premium items, inventory full of skillers and the torch and anni, then hydra gets really interesting at level 40
hydra is = 3187 -3577



Aug 6, 2008
Re: CL Hydra Sorc

but arent hydra and FO both timered skills? So you couldnt mix FOs between Hydras like you could mix in CLs between them. And since Hydra is such short duration, how many you have out depends on how fast you cast them, so you'd be trading off fire or cold damage, not adding them together....