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Best places to lvl up


Nov 19, 2004
Boston Mass
Best places to lvl up

Hi all. I am not very often here but this mind boggling problem has got me thinking and I need some help figuring out break points for lvling up.

What is the best place to level up when you are lvl 18-30

and then 40-45 etc.

Evrae Altana

Aug 13, 2005
Rubby Ducky
At level 18, do tomb runs until you get to 20, then cow until you get to 24. After that, kill the ancients. From here, you can do normal Baal runs or just go straight to nightmare cows. I opted for the nightmare cows option because I find them to give more experience and are much more interesting than normal Baal. Do nightmare ancients at level 40, then nightmare Baal from 41-(whatever level you feel ready for hell). After that, it's hell Baal runs until you decide to stop.