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Best char to do hellforge rush ?


Aug 6, 2005
Best char to do hellforge rush ?

I would like to know what character/build is the fastest one to get for hell hellforge to get runes (if there is such character/build) :uhhuh:
I was thinking that hellforge rush is a great way to get enigma(or any other great stuff) this ladder ,getting enigma has always been my dream :)

thx in advance.


Jun 23, 2004
Most likely a sorc, as always.

Last ladder I used my Necro to do my hellforge rushing (and I'm trying to build one now as well), but if you combine a non-maphack-user with a char that can't teleport... it takes a bit of time.

The necro is a tank: nothing in the game is dangerous (I never got the keys for the new charm, though... so no experience there), but it moves slower than a sports car.

I've always considered making a sorc that only teleports, esentially loading her with defensive gear, maxing energy shield, telekinesis, teleport and warmth, and just send her to scout the maps. When she finds the target, she pops up a TP for the necro. Since I only have 2 keys it would require some TP popping, but it would still be faster (i.e. sorc and necro in one game, sorc pops up TP, necro goes through, necro pops up a TP, sorc leaves, mule-to-be-rushed enters).

On the other hand, there aren't really any low-level areas in hell, so killing stuff isn't the worst thing to do...


Aug 2, 2005
I like your telesorce with necro idea.
Another good thing is.
What you do is make 3 characters first one for normal nm and hell.
rush 1 to act 2 norm, 1 to act 2 nm and 1 to act 2 hell.
grab the staff for each kill summoner reveal symbol go in tal's tomb stick staff in tomb.
So whenever you rush someone, you will only need to go kill the viper claw in order to take tp to arcane to kill summoner In order to take a tp to go to tal rasha's tomb. (remember you can't take tp to arcane if you didnt kill viper and tp to canyon/tomb if you haven't killed summoner). Plus you wont have to go look for the staff just kill the viper. Once viper and summoner is dead. Go get your Act2CharacterDude to create the game which already has the staff in the hole. Teleport to the tomb wait outside the chamber for your necro to kill the Duriel go in with mule and talk to the guy inside the chamber to get quest.
Makes sense. One less object to go get.

Necro is good if you rush level 1 , because if you can't get a someone to leech quest for you. The level 1 has to be present when the Act Boss dies. Making you less of a target.