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Backwards Compatibility


Jan 4, 2005
Backwards Compatibility

Hey guys, I'm installing 1.09d (HF rushing) and wanted to know id my current items are compatible with the old version. I was looking at getting a quick rush from someone (fodder :D) and was gonna slap some 1.10 items on her. Do i need to find new items in 1.09 or will i be right ? Where can i grab the patch. I tryed looking on battle.net and its not their. Thanks alot.

- ocau_mikle

EDIT: I just found the patch on planetmirror ;)


Jun 23, 2003
San Francisco CA
BTW, that isn't what backwards compatibility means. BC means that new versions of software are compatible with saved data from old (backwards) versions, which D2 certainly is. You are asking for forwards compatibility, ie old versions of software being able to understand saved data from later (forwards) versions, which is a very uncommon beast indeed in software development (ie it needs the old version to know in advance what later versions will contain, or to have such a general format that they can decipher stuff added later.