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Advice on Tiger Strike/Dragon Tail Assassin

Advice on Tiger Strike/Dragon Tail Assassin

I have a (relatively) simple question about my dual-claw Assassin. She's around level 45 at the moment, and I already have her end game gear mostly planned out. This is what I'm thinking.

Helm - Andariel's Visage
Amulet - Mara's Kaleidoscope
Armor - Unsure
Weapons - Dual Bartucs, upgraded
Gloves - Dracul's Grasp
Rings - Raven Frost, Dwarf Star
Belt - Verdungo's Hearty Cord
Boots - Waterwalk

I'm fairly sure that this setup will be nice, but I know my resistances will be lacking. So, the question is, what would be a good method of helping my resistances, short of charms? I plan to use Burst of Speed instead of Fade, and I'm unsure of an armor choice. Would there be any gear changes that could help me with my resistance problem, potentially?


Jul 4, 2005
Shimmering GC's and/or Shimmering SC's will be optimal though quite hard to get if you don't already have them. Might I suggest a Jade Talon THE shield claw?
Smoke Runeword Armor is a great armor for resists too. Unless you can get the runes for Chains of Honour... which I highly doubt. :uhhuh:

EDIT: Why don't you switch the verdungos for a TGods. 20STR 20VIT LIT ABSORB & LIT RESIST, what don't you like.