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A small update


Oct 30, 2003
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A small update

RL has taken almost all of my time away from D2, I cannot just find time to play, let alone I could find time to really even lurk @ this place.

So there is a small update on my D2/SPF side, but there won't have many to come.

Anyway, I finally played a little bit, got my socr to A5, she was still doing full clean, but I just couldn't make myself go down and full clean sewers level 1, since my map was very lucky (lvl 2 just next to the entry). But she did full clean A4, and will try to clean most of A5 (just spare one life, so she doen't lose the red portal). On disappointment side, strike meph's soul stone only got a Hel :mad: , however, some random monster in RoF kindly dropped a Ist!!! :clap:

After I've done this sorc, I will be doing some easy stuff (eg. my "shopping" project, and upcoming TC3 project - find the missing TC3s) and keep looking for a mod to enable uber bosses in SP, so I can convice myself to install 1.11 patch and play again.


Dec 16, 2004
IIRC if you kill nihlathak(sp?) without getting the WP, red portals stay :D
Good luck on your character. Glad you could find some time for d2 :lol: