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7x7 0.2

Tyler Law

Apr 19, 2018
Alright, this is a follow up to my previous post, I wrote that really quickly as an afterthought last night. Here however is a more in depth version of the same post.

So here's some basic, as we all know, there's 7 classes in the game, each has 3 or 4 cookie cutter builds that are powerful and well known. The point of a 7x7 is to make 7 builds for each of the 7 classes, this means that you need to do some creative work and make your own, because 7 Metorbs doesn't count. It's more like, Meteorb, Litesorc, Blizzsorc, Fireballer, Charged Boltress, Enchantress, Weather Woman... You see the point, it takes some creativity, or every viable build for a class. PS. I really like the idea of a Charged Boltress!

Anyways, so I've decided what works and what doesn't. The /players1 DOES NOT. It's so annoying, you level SOOO slowly, I've abolished that rule because I want to complete the builds I play. Instead we're playing on /players8 and never lowering it. AND we're playing one sweep. So I'm not running Baal until I'm ready for nightmare or hell mode.

I'm still going twink, I named the character I'm shopping with TwinkMart, I'm proud of that. I have the game on another computer also so I'm going to use that for the twink character because I hate mods, no PlugY or ATMA or anything.

Right now, my plan is to do one build for the set specific classes (Mavina, TrangOul, Aldur, etc.) and some other builds tat I know are really powerful (LiteSorc), along with ones I think are fun (PSsassin).

I've also chosen how to name these posts, which will eventually become game journals, in a fairly specific way. With numbers, because who doesn't? The first number is the character (0 for these info posts) while the second is the number for each one. For example my first character, is about to beat normal mode, that will usually take 10-15 sessions, so if he just killed Diablo, the journal would be 1.9.

I'll write larger write ups at the end of the each character, detailing naked stats and skills, and the gear they used. I'm also in the middle of making a spreadsheet with all the builds I would like to do, comment or reply some ones that you like. I want them to be fun most of all.

I'm going to be restarting Sturm because it's hard to transfer from /players1 to /players8, especially at low levels.

PS. If this doesn't belong here, can you please tell me where I should put.