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100 Nightmare Mephisto Runs


Nov 22, 2004
100 Nightmare Mephisto Runs

:howdy: Hey SPFers
Just to keep myself from staying with my Blizzard Sorceress ON Nightmare Meph forever I decided to do 100 Meph runs and then let that be that and move on. Figured I'd share the results with you all :).

My Blizz sorc TheColdVein was level 60-65 while I was doing the runs and she was wearing approximately 370 % MF, with a Ali Baba on the switch which I later switched out for a Gull when I happened to find one.
The runs where pretty smooth, no real hardships really. Moat trick still works just fine.
I got some pretty nice items, and alot of crap aswell of course. I've typed the most noteable/nice items in bold. All in all it's ~125 items. The Item I found the most was The Chieftain, found six of those. Hoorah!
Anyway, here are the items:

1. Nothing
2. Arm of King Leoric Tomb Wand, Carin Shard Petrified Wand
3. Kuko Shakaku Cedar Bow, The Chieftain Battle Axe
4. Griswold's Edge
5. Sigons Gage Gauntlets
6. Goreshovel Broad Axe
7. Nothing
8. Blastbark Long War Bow
9. Soulflay Claymore, Hellcast Heavy Crossbow
10. Bladebuckle Plated Belt
11. Cathan's Mask
12. Berserkers Hatchet
13. Aldurs Stony Gaze
14. Blastbark Long War Bow
15. The Grim Reaper War Scythe
16. Shadowfang Sword
17. Isenhart's Lightbrand
18. Soulflay Claymore
19. Nothing
20. Lance of Yaggai, Heartcarver Rondel
21. Tancred's Spine Full Plate Mail
22. Arctic Horn
23. Nothing
24. Buriza Do Kyanon
25. Steelgoad Voulge
26. Nothing
27. Snakecord Light Belt, Sigon's Visor
28. Eth Griswold's Edge, Stoutnail Spiked Club, Isenhart's Horns
29. Rockstopper Sallet
30. Infernal Torch, Ith Rune
31. String of Ears, Spectral Shard
32. Nokozan Relic, Plaguebearer Runesword, Arcanna's Light Plate
33. Nothing
34. Aldur's Boots, Amn Rune
35. Iratha's Belt, Isenhart's Cage, Tancred's Skull
36. Wizendraw, Dol Rune
37. Rakescar War Axe
38. Ichorstring, Cathan's Seal
39. Nothing
40. Arctic Horn, Bladebone Double Axe
41. Kinemil's Awl, Venom Grip
42. Sparking Mail
43. Nothing
44. The Chieftain, Gleamscythe Falcion
45. Steeldriver, Sander's Boots
46. Blackhorn's Face
47. Tancred's Skull
48. Cathan's Mask, Cathan's Armour
49. Bartuc's Cutthroat, Hellclap
50. Cathan's Mask, Arctic Horn
51. Nothing
52. Rockstopper Sallet, Ort Rune
53. Tancred's Crowbill
54. Kinemil's Awl
55. Boneslayer Blade Gothic Axe, Tancred's Crowbill
56. The Chieftain
57. Thul Rune
58. Bladebone Double Axe
59. Nothing
60. Nothing
61. Spineripper Poignard
62. Milabrega's Rod, Sander's Superstition, Lava Gout
63. Descent Rare Circlet
64. Tancred's Crowbill, Guardian Angel, Eth Venom Grip
65. Nothing
66. The Chieftain
67. Isenhart's Cage
68. Civerb's Cudgel, Thul Rune
69. Bloodrise Morningstar
70. Fleshrender Barbed Club
71. Tal Rasha's Belt, The Battlebranch
72. Bonesnap Maul
73. Heavenly Garb
74. Nothing
75. Sigon's Gage
76. Sigon's Visor
77. Whitstan's Guard
78. Nothing
79. Nothing
80. Tal Rasha's Mask, Cathan's Mask
81. Nothing
82. Todesfaelle Flamme Flamberge
83. Warlord's Trust Military Axe, Blacktongue Bastard Sword
84. Cleglaw's Tooth, Isenhart's Horns
85. Lidless Wall
86. Sander's Boots, Berserker's Hatchet
87. Gull Dagger, Sigon's Sabot
**. Tal Rasha's Mask, The Chieftain
89. Blastbark
90. Darkglow Ring Mail
91. Raven Claw Long Bow, Isenhart's Horns
92. Ume's Lament, Sigon's Visor
93. Cliffkiller
94. Tancred's Skull
95. Witherstring Hunters Bow
96. The Ward Gothic Shield, Angelic Halo Ring
97. Nightsmoke, Gravenspine, Isenhart's Lightbrand
98. Sander's Taboo
99. Deathbit, Bloodrise Morningstar
100. Dwarfstar Ring, Vidala's Fetlock

When that last unique ring dropped on run 100, I thought "That just has to be a SOJ". Dwarfstar isn't too bad either though :).

That's all folks, thanks for reading :thumbsup: .



Jul 7, 2003
sweet char name. i've got a barb named iron galaxy.

funny, i did 100 nm runs a while back and didn't get a single chieftan, iirc.


Nov 22, 2004
A run takes about 1-2 minutes I think, depends on if I decide to take down the council members aswell. I've got a pretty nice map, it takes me about 4 teleports to get to Durance level 3.

Yeah, that's one sick record happyfamine :). Are they broken up or what? I've heard some of Vasts new stuff, wasn't that impressive really. What other hip hop do you listen to? Did I just hijack my own thread :)?

There probably won't be another 900 NM runs, I'm gonna move her up to Hell Meph now when I have the time. I might have to trade for some stuff to be able to do Hell though, especially a weapon for my mercenary.

Thanks for the responces guys!