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  1. Luhkoh

    Luhkoh's Untwinked till Patmat Sept

    Introduction Hi all. I finally finished questing my zon through the game yesterday. Since I had stopped posting my patmat threads when I completed a character, I thought I would just post this summary when I finally finished the sept. I have always liked the idea of a "team" of characters in d2...
  2. okey

    Fated Incarnation, sept challenge/tournament - s1

    [bgm-1] , [bgm-2] , [bgm-3] Fated Incarnation, sept challenge/tournament - s1 "Woe is me, for I am but a fish in the river called Fate." Preface The loom has strung you o' child of destiny, for you have been fated.. You are a fated one, most known as a hero; but know this: the one known as...