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  1. Metallhead86

    Question about runeword weapon!

    Hi. Playing d2 with plugy mod, got frenzy barbarian and i want to make a new weapon runeword cresent moon. Got 3socket legend sword and its highest base dmg weapon what i got but it is 1h or/and 2h. did it work or do i need only 1h weapon? got dimensional blade but lower base dmg. sorry, bad...
  2. Delton

    What armors/weapons to look for when runewording

    Hello everyone! I absolutely love this game but it's pretty hard to get into. I'm playing a Javason and I'm currently level 75 on act V hell. I'm playing with a friend who rolls a skellymancer. We're level 75~ish and we have absolute trash gear for our level. We got stuck in the frozen river...