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  1. A

    [MOD RELEASE] Diablo 2 - Patch 3.0 (Mod) Have FUN!

    Hi all So I have been playing Diablo 2 since it was released, I played Diablo 1 and Diablo 3 also... I love Diablo 2, it is the best RPG/Hack n Slash ever made... So for the longest time I have been hoping Blizzard would make some changes to the game and I waited and waited and nothing ever...
  2. J

    1.14d patch deleted ALL of my brother's single player characters! how to recover his characters?

    so my brother and i were about to finish the game...we were about to defeat Baal. I accidentally clicked Battle.NET instead of multiplayer, and the game downloaded the 1.14d patch right away. it downloaded successfully despite me having no Battle.NET account. and when i entered the game, all of...
  3. L

    having trouble with install and patch

    so i downloded the game both d2 and d2 lod after the download finishes and i start the game a patch starts before the patch finishes the game closes down and i get message the patch is corrupt so i cant play online someone plz help