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  1. B

    Hey everyone!

    I've bee. Playing Diablo 2 since it came out 20 some years ago.. I used to play classic, but figured I'd give xpac a try and I have to say I'm liking it!! I'm a lvl 83 blizzard sorc, in act 2 hell (almost a-3).. I've been spending a lot of time trying to find my a2 Merc a descent weapon, he's...
  2. Desmina0r

    Hello Everyone, I'm new to your site.

    Im jesse, ive been playing for awhile. just got back on d2 after about 7 years and last time i played my dad helped me get better gear and stuff. so im making my own blizz mf sorc starting with nothing. so i can find good stuff hopefully and sell on d2jsp. but im looking for a clan or group to...
  3. devilslayer-rockstar

    I am becoming apart of the community

    Hello I am devilslayer-rockstar and I have been playing Diablo and Warcraft a far as I can remember I have always enjoyed playing as either necromancer or paladin on d2 hoping to meet a lot of amazing people on here and get a lot more games thanks for reading this peace out