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mf games

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    MF Runs Results : Baal NM

    Why Baal NM? Baal in NM can drop good items and is easy like Shakos, Soj and Bulks, Gheeds, WarTrav,Skullders and other good items, that farm in Hell can be dificulty with poor gear. How I do Baal runs? Stack lighting resist is mandatory because of Burning Soul enemys,they can kill you in a few...
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    Share your Diablo 2 Meta games!

    We all play them...Whether we know it or not... Creative mini games about Diablo 2, while playing Diablo 2. In it's broadest sense, grailing is an example of a meta-game since collecting every item is not really how you beat the game. The 'Septs' we see in the forums are another great...