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  1. T

    Poor man's pit/cows poison nova necro

    I'm working on a poor-man's pit/cows pnova necro who's main goal is farming runes and socketables (and EXP). I do not have an Enigma yet, and i do not have a Death's Web yet. So compared to the beasts in the Hall of Records and the RFO's, this build is going to be sad. That said, I do enjoy...
  2. W

    Solo Sorc Skills Progression Help?

    Hey all, I've been leveling a Sorceress in Single Player and was wondering what's the most efficient skill setup as I level? I just hit Normal A5 and I'm at level 25, and its pretty rough. The way I always thought, it was go Charged Bolt until level 13, then respec to 7 Static, 1 Frost Nova, 1...
  3. Magic Rainbow Elf

    Bought the D2 Battle Chest but it was missing a disc

    As the title says i bought the Diablo 2 battle chest but when i opened the box i found that it contained disc 1, no disc 2 and 2 disc 3s as well as the Lords of Destruction disc, the store i got it from only had the package i got in stock and Diablo is so old now that they aren't bothering to...
  4. R

    GoMule transfer

    Hello everyone, I just got a new laptop and I already moved all my single player characters onto it and downloaded go mule and when I open up gomule on my new computer it has all my characters and stashes like my old one, but only the characters load. When I try to open stashes they are all...
  5. R

    new character

    I want to make a new character and im not sure who to make. I need some help deciding! Since i have go mule and already got some tokens I want to make a character with multiple fun builds i can switch between to get the most out of the char slot and time spent lvling like maybe a zon that would...
  6. R

    Can a moderator please help me figure some things out?

    I tried to make a thread to find out my mod status and everyones just being mean to me. are there mods who can help me figure it out?
  7. R

    New to sp forums

    Hello everyone! I am new to the forum and am specifically interested in sp trading but want to make sure I do it the right way. Here is some background: I somewhat recently came back to d2 after seeing mrllamasc run d2 for agdq but still had access to a jsp account which got boring fast cus i...
  8. C

    Advice needed for MF build. Also some generic questions.

    Hi everyone, I'm returning to D2 after some years and I want to level up a few characters but I don't want to farm for items with each one of them. So I was thinking of doing an MF character and use GoMule to transfer items towards the others. I'm going to play the latest patch (1.14d), SP...
  9. R

    gomule help

    i just downloaded gomule and ran it and everything seems to be working properly so far but i cant figure out how to add a character. when i press the add character it opens up files to choose from? how do i find the proper character files?
  10. M

    Can such mod be created?

    Hi. I'm new to the forums. I just want to ask you how can I create a mod for diablo 1 hellfire? Or at least diablo 1. The mod I want to create would have: 1) New character with new graphics 2) A way to "destroy" weapons in order to turn them into stats (stats given would depend on the stats...
  11. T

    Hardcore "dummy" account needed

    Hello, My friends and I are coming back to DII for a hardcore Jam! We are all rocking macs now for work :oops: and would really appreciate a dummy account. Haven't done this before so I assume I can make as many as I like once I have one. (we will need five or six.) Hope i'm not breaking any...