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  1. MizzouFTW

    Guardian #1 - Bastone-II

    I got a wild hair a few weeks ago to install Diablo II again. It took me a couple of days to find some time to play but I made it happen and I've been somewhat busy! This is untwinked Guardian #1 of a 7 untwinked Guardian Sept. Defeating Hell Baal: Defeating Hell Ancients: Only NDE...
  2. Reloader.XMH

    Trials of Balthazar - The HC Untwinked Pitzerker Journey

    I. Inception Hello everyone, and welcome to the Trials of Balthazar! I've been playing the Diablo franchise since 1999, when I was seven years old. I watched my stepdad fight The Butcher and heard that infamous line - "Mmmm, fresh meat!" - and I instantly knew I absolutely wanted to play...
  3. B

    Linking up with fellow hardcore D2 players/clean slate fresh start

    my brother and I are looking for more players. to play hardcore with specifically as of now we want to make hardcore classic characters and beat the game in proper order no short cuts just murk'n demons N shit. from norm to hell.
  4. K

    HC East Ladder Discord Hangout

    to everyone that plays on HC East, i'd like to invite you to a new discord server where we can meet up. we are using discord to make 8 players walk thoughts, and sometimes ironman games every Friday and Sunday 8PM EST we either start or continue an 8player walk. we walk for 2hour and then...
  5. C

    Fresh start anyone?

    anyone up for a fresh start with me on hardcore?
  6. Yng

    Kyrie's Quest for 99/Grail

    This thread will serve a dual purpose, as I haven't introduced myself here yet. Personal Introduction: First, I'd like to clarify that Kyrie is already a level 90 Guardian. This is my first successful P8 HC untwinked walk. My previous Druid RIP'd @ Hell Maggot Lair and I've also RIP'd an...
  7. okey

    The Adventures of Ruddi, the untwinked HC single-pass fury druid

    The story: Once upon a time in god knows where Tristram, there once was a woman who would hit on men in the local pub in order to drink her ass off. One thing lead to another and she soon found herself devoured by wolves. RIP random woman. However, our story does not end there. The wolf pair...
  8. okey

    Questions pretaining to Hell Ancients vs a Fury Druid

    Does life steal work against ancients, by that I mean items with life leech mods or skills with life leech properties. In that same venue, do mercs deal reduce damage against ancients? Lastly much defense should one have if one decides to wield a big 2-hander weapon long enough to lifesteal...
  9. okey

    My first untwinked HC single-pass trapper in many years

    What's up everyone, so yeah, I had an account here a decade or so ago, but as with everything in life things goes and become forgotten.. How's things? Anyways, here's where the usual spiel of where I have to type the generic response of I played D2 during x and stopped, replayed it at y, and z...