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  1. lordwarwolf

    tips on beating diablo in act 3 for diablo 2 as a druid summoner/elemental hybrid

    yea i really could use some tips on how the heck to beat him, i just recently found my old diablo 2 battle chest with all the install discs and the expansion , i made it to the area where he spawns :| died like 3 times 1 time at each area to activate the seals and when i got to him he outright...
  2. Yng

    Kyrie's Quest for 99/Grail

    This thread will serve a dual purpose, as I haven't introduced myself here yet. Personal Introduction: First, I'd like to clarify that Kyrie is already a level 90 Guardian. This is my first successful P8 HC untwinked walk. My previous Druid RIP'd @ Hell Maggot Lair and I've also RIP'd an...
  3. okey

    The Adventures of Ruddi, the untwinked HC single-pass fury druid

    The story: Once upon a time in god knows where Tristram, there once was a woman who would hit on men in the local pub in order to drink her ass off. One thing lead to another and she soon found herself devoured by wolves. RIP random woman. However, our story does not end there. The wolf pair...